Snoopy Drone Hunts The Skies For The Red Baron

The WWI flying ace and his Sopwith Camel take off at ComicCon
Snoopy Drone
Screenshot by author, from YouTube

Wearing aviator goggles and a pilot’s scarf, a dog climbs onto the roof of his red doghouse. In seconds he is transformed into a daring aerial ace in combat against the Red Baron. Snoopy-as-dogfighter is now a reality in drone form, thanks to Otto Dieffenbach. Watch Snoopy fly over muddy, grey, wet terrain, a suitable stand-in for the Western Front, below:

Snoopy’s flying doghouse appears to be a light frame built around a remote-control quadcopter. It takes off with Snoopy on his back, nose pointed at the sky, and gives the appearance of a rather elaborate kite. While plenty of unmanned Red Barons lurk in the sky, there might be bigger risks for our WWI ace: there are TIE Fighters and Star Destroyers in the air now.

Below, Snoopy soars in bluer skies, free from any imperial threats.

[via Laughing Squid]