The Future of the Environment

A blueprint for the eco-tropolis of the future with fresh air, pristine water and cheap energy. Plus, 48 audacious ideas to save the planet
An eco-savvy blueprint for tomorrow's megacity Kevin Hand

In our annual Future of the Environment issue, we take a look at the monumental problems facing our world as we continue into the 21st century, as well as solutions ranging from the audacious to the everyday to, quite literally, save the planet.

This year we turn much of our focus toward a bold blueprint for the city of the future. Check out our interactive tour of a future green megalopolis, the 10 most audacious engineering solutions for saving the planet, as well as the most problematic cities, industries, and projects looming on the horizon.

The Good News

planet saving ideas
smart power strip
gasless motorcycles
Google Earth Environment

And the Bad News

Dirty City
airplane in sky with trails
construction site