Featured by Philip Kiefer

A patient sitting on a hospital bed with an IV, with two medical providers wearing protective clothes on either side.
A fossil with a series of diagonal slashes cut into one corner.
a woman in a hospital bed with a close up on the venous catheter tubes in her hand and arm
A wild sheep with curled horns in front of trees.
A bronze helmet shown from the front and the side. It has curving horns coming out of the sides of the head, and a birdlike face.
A doctor in a protective suit taking a nasal swab from a person to test for possible coronavirus infection
A crab with huge eyes on the front of its face swimming after a shrimp with a big head.
a woman in a face mask and blue protective gloves holds up a black collection apparatus in the air in a densely forested environment. a sloth hangs from a tree nearby
COVID rapid antigen tests for Omicron detection lined up like dominoes
A nurse in a mask and gown writes in a medical chart in front of a patient in a hospital bed.