Nikita Amir

Nikita Amir

Contributor, Science

Nikita Amir is a news contributor for the science section of Popular Science. She first interned at the magazine as a student in the spring of 2021 and couldn’t help but find her way back to cover research on anything climate- or energy-related. She is originally from Dubai and currently lives in Chicago, Illinois.



  • Invested in climate science and the future of energy especially as they relate to issues of equity both domestically and internationally
  • Science writing intern at the national particle physics laboratory Fermilab
  • Bylines in PopSci and Discover 



Nikita has been covering science news for PopSci since December 2021. So far she’s cast a wide net covering environment stories ranging from applied ecology in Indonesian cocoa farms to tree science in the Amazon to energy infrastructure here in the US. While she’s interested in covering any and all environment and sustainability issues, she’s particularly invested in looking at climate adaptation and mitigation across borders, and will be taking on a Masters in environmental and social policy at UCL in London next year to pursue that work.


Nikita graduated from Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism in 2021 with a degree in journalism and a double major in history focusing on the Americas. She hopped back and forth between the creative and editorial teams of the quarterly magazine North by Northwestern during her time there.

Favorite weird science fact

Dog paws produce a bacteria that makes them smell like Fritos or any other corn chips of your choosing. Writing this from experience.

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