How to build anything, explore anywhere, and generally improve your life.


Tech Hacks

Maybe you want to make your ancient laptop hum like new. Maybe you want to run your favorite apps on unconventional platforms. Maybe you want to become an expert Googler. Maybe you just want to get the very best deals online. In these articles, techniques and insider know-how will let you squeeze every drop of productivity and entertainment out of your gadgets. SEE MORE

Life Upgrades

Not every project needs to involve sledgehammers and a circular saw. DIY is about improving all aspects of your life—including optimizing your body, brain, and calendar. Maximize your ability to learn, unlock new realms of productivity, and do everything from clean your keyboard to floss your teeth with utter efficiency. Our tips are backed by science, and tested by our team. GO ON

Great Outdoors

For folks who can’t stand to spend their days-off indoors, find do-it-yourself projects that will make your wilderness adventures a lot more epic. Brush up on survival methods before your next expedition, construct replicas of medieval catapults, or build games and equipment to occupy the kids. In short, make your open-air activities way more comfortable and way less likely to kill you. ONWARD

Build It Yourself

Sometimes you just catch an itch, an urge to create. That’s when you should click through to see these hands-on projects—and learn about the people who design them. Working with a DIY novice? Try making a pinhole camera. Ready for more complex options? Fold a self-guided origami robot. And for the downright silly, build things like a potato chip speaker or wind-powered record player. READ MORE


Why settle for blurry cardboard box eclipse projectors when you can make something so much better?

Have you ever wondered what the rockets in “rockets’ red glare and bombs bursting in air” actually are?