Featured by John Kennedy

A do not disturb sign on a wooden door.
A laptop running Zoom sitting on a blue desk in an empty school classroom.
A Mac computer with the Dock visible, showing a mouse pointer over the Finder icon and other Apple icons next to it.
A man holding an iPhone with his Photos app open.
A person on a FaceTime call with someone while sitting at a table full of delicious-looking food.
A person holding a red phone with the TikTok search filters page open to find a recent TikTok video.
A man sitting on a bench outside a brick building looking intensely at his phone.
A woman with red nailpolish holding an iPhone and using a Macbook laptop to secure her online accounts.
A desktop computer on a dark-colored desk with an Instagram profile open on the screen, perhaps to embed the Instagram profile on a website.
A person using a Mac desktop computer while also using Google Calendar.