Eric Frederiksen

Contributor, Reviews

Eric Frederiksen brings decades of consumer tech knowledge and years of coverage to the Popular Science Reviews team, including experience with news, reviews, roundups, and editorials. He has covered technology and entertainment for over ten years for many publications, including GameSpot, IGN, TechnoBuffalo, Playboy, Syfy, and more.


  • Experienced reporter and critic in tech and media.
  • Has extensively covered computing, audio, and gaming peripherals.
  • Covers gaming, TV, and film for other publications.
  • Led Minecraft guide coverage for GameSpot and television coverage for TechnoBuffalo.


Eric knew that he wanted to write about video games and technology as far back as middle school when he was reading Game Players and Game Informer magazines. The passion for enthusiast press persisted as he attended the University of Minnesota, eventually graduating with a degree in journalism and mass communications.

Since then, Eric has written for enthusiast gaming and tech publications, starting with Kombo and TechnoBuffalo. Over the years, he’s written for IGN, Tech Report, Syfy, Playboy, GameSpot and Batman-News. During that time, he has covered tech and entertainment industries extensively as both a reporter and critic. At Popular Science, Eric writes reviews and recommendation-focused coverage on a wide range of consumer tech related to computing, gaming, and consumer software.


Eric attended the University of Minnesota’s Hubbard School of Journalism, graduating in 2004 with a Bachelor of the Arts. He also minored in Japanese Language and Literature.

Favorite weird science fact

No one can agree on whether or not Magenta is actually a color.

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