The Blue Origin Launch in Photos

Launch. Land. Repeat.
Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin Rocket Launch

On April 2, 2016, Blue Origin, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ space company, successfully reused the same booster for the third time to send a rocket to space. This remarkable feat, which is becoming more and more common with both Blue Origin and SpaceX, signifies a giant shift in rocketry because it dramatically reduces the cost needed to get people or supplies into orbit. For Blue Origin, the cargo will mainly be wealthy tourists who want to gaze at the stars from outside Earth’s atmosphere. So, if you want to go to space and you’re not an astronaut, you’ll probably have to pay Bezos for the privilege, but what should you expect? Well, fear not, weary space traveler, we’ve made a play-by-play with images to ensure you’re ready for your launch day. Here we go!

Blue Origin Shepard Rocket Launching from a launching pad
Blue Origin Launch with mountains in the background
Blue Origin Liftoff View From Afar
View From The Blue Origin Capsule
View From The Underside Of The Blue Origin Rocket
View from 307,000 feet above the ground
Blue Origin Capsule Falling Back To The Ground With a Parachute
Blue Origin Shepard Rocket Landing on a Landing Pad
Blue Origin Shepard Rocket Landing
Blue Origin Shepard After Landing