Drones photo

When people hear buzzing on a beach, they’re expecting a bit of an aerial show, maybe a cameo in some beachy B-roll later. What they’re never expecting, I can promise, is a sudden public health delivery, released with all the subtlety of a cloaca unclenching.

This seagull-shaped drone comes from a Nivea ad entitled “Care from the Air.” It involves a real, custom-built bird-shaped drone that squirts sunblock onto beachgoers.

The premise of the ad is that, while sunblock is important, kids will run away from parents attempting to apply the sunblock, so instead it makes sense for a targeted drone to blast the solar prophylactic on them from above.

Advertisements aren’t meant to be a depiction of the real world, and they’re not bound by the rules of logic. Still, an ad should present a world people want to live in, and not one where robo-seagulls poop sunblock at them.

Watch the full ad below:

Drones photo