Roam-e flying selfie drone.
Roam-e flying selfie drone: the future of selfies. Roam-e

The selfie stick’s simple, stone age functions have finally been bested. Now there’s something far more attention grabbing: Roam-e, the hovering selfie camera.

For about $400 this hovering cone can be yours in all its 1080p, facial recognition capable glory. Like Navi in the Legend of Zelda series, or a parrot on the shoulder of a pirate (but you know, with a camera), you’ll have your own hovering attendant.

The drone has a battery life short of half an hour, and takes two hours to charge, so don’t plan on shooting the whole afternoon with it. But since Roam-e can hold 360 photos and is capable of live streaming, you can use that limited time to post plenty of things on Facebook and really capture the experience.

We’re hoping the battery life improves, and that helicopter parents don’t see it as an opportunity.

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