Pinata Drone
This drone makes a poor substitute for a pinata rope, might be a good pinata delivery vehicle. Screenshot by author, from YouTube

Piñatas are a simple amusement. The batter, blindfolded and dizzy, wields a club, attempting to free candy from inside a papier-mache animal. Normally, this is a one-dimensional contest, with the piñata pulled up or down by a rope. But mount the piñata on the back of a drone, and suddenly a birthday party trick takes on the complexity of a bullfight.

This video was put together by novelty gift company Vat19 to celebrate 2 billion views of its videos.

Watch drones dancing in air and bats flailing at the piñata until contact is finally made. With the drone, not the piñata. With a thud, the DJI Phantom falls to the ground. The piñata survives impact.

Watch below:

Drones photo

[via Gizmodo]