This Nuclear-Powered Supersonic Airliner Concept Is A Beautiful Dream

As improbable as it is wonderful

Flash Falcon Concept Art

Flash Falcon Concept Art

Supersonic, without the boom.Oscar Viñals

Skies are big and empty. What is stopping us from filling them with massive, supersonic, nuclear-powered jetliners?

Well, other than physics, regulations, a lack of market need, and common sense — almost nothing!

Oscar Viñals in a conceptual artist freed from such constraints, and his vision of a supersonic, nuclear-powered airliner is exists as a sort of beautiful, high-tech dream.

Here's how Viñals describes his project:

The "FF" Flash Falcon design is based in a deep study of today’s and upcoming technologies and future theoretical advances. This airplane's design is the last one of a trilogy (Sky Whale, Progress Eagle & Flash Falcon) about how the future airliners could be. This airplane would belong to an hypothetical generation that would be equipped with a technology based on Fusion Energy (the future GREEN ENERGY), which today can only be found under development, but in the next fifteen years it could become a feasible reality, capable to generate great amounts of Electric Energy without the use of "contaminant" materials.

Viñals has no shortage of optimism, and expects planes like this to take the skies in the 2030s.

An earlier Viñals concept, the Progress Eagle proposed a similarly massive aircraft, powered by rows and rows of solar panels on its wings and back.

For the Flash Falcon, Viñals imagines it flying as fast as Mach 3 at altitudes of up to 60,000 feet. The full schematics include engine designs and a special "sonic boom eraser system", designed to make the superfast behemoth quiet, too.

It is extremely unlikely any aircraft designed like this will ever fly. But it’s a beautiful, big dream of what a futuristic aircraft could possibly be. Keep dreaming as big as the sky, Viñals.

Watch it, animated some more, below:

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