Cork boards for organizing your home or office

Fight back against desk clutter—and win this time.

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A well-organized work space must include easy access to your important lists, notes, and papers. Cork boards keep everything in easy view, eliminating annoying paper piles and frantic searching for necessary items.

We’ve found some great, stylish options for your home or office (or both). Although all useful, there are also unique designs options that won’t butt against the overall look and feel of your workspace.

Best for customizing your office

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These cork boards are made from 100 percent natural cork and come in a 10-pack of hexagon-shaped boards. You can customize the look of your space by connecting the hexagon panels in whatever pattern suits your needs. To install, you need to peel the backing off panel and then press onto a clean smooth wall surface. Push pin style clips are also included with the set (in a variety of colors). Be aware the adhesive backing will not adhere to textured surfaces.

Best for being decorative

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The Wall Pops cork boards are a great option when aesthetics are of utmost importance. The Phoenix board comes in a black wood frame, and the cork has a modern wheel/medallion decorative pattern printed on top. The board is 23.5 x 17-inch and is 1-inch thick. The installation is fairly simple as it can be hung from a hook or nail directly into the wall. Note that the board only has brackets to be hung horizontally.

Best for double use

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This is a great option for especially busy workspaces. One side of the board has cork for push pin organizing, and the other side has a magnetic white board, for writing notes and lists/reminders. Installation hardware is included and this board can be hung both vertically and horizontally. Never let an idea get lost again.

Best for the large workspace

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This large cork board is framed in solid wood, making the structure especially strong and sturdy. The classic chunky frame gives this a pleasing modern look—suitable for offices, or homes where style is a consideration. At eight pounds, this is a substantial board and care to follow installation directions must be taken. Installation supplies are included.