Drones photo

Robots that hunt other robots are my favorite robots. This is Delft Dynamic’s Dronecatcher, a big drone built to hunt smaller drones. It works as advertised:

Here it is, from the ground. Note the parachute on the net, which lowers the captured drone to the ground gently:

The dronecatcher debuted last year in crude form, and recently Delft Dynamics released new footage of it in action. As some companies invest in high-tech approaches, like lasers or jamming signals, the simple net has spawned a whole host of anti-drone designs. There are net-launching drones, net-carrying drones, and net-firing guns.

Delft Dynamic’s dronecatcher falls squarely into the net-firing camp, and while it might not work against the drones of the future, nets are a great, bullet-free answer to the drones of today.

Watch it below: