Four gaming monitors for showing off your skills

Every millisecond counts.

Gaming monitors are high-powered versions of everyday computer monitors that are designed to elevate players’ performance and create a more enjoyable gaming experience. Among the features that set gaming monitors apart includes a high refresh rate—that is, the image on the screen updates more often, ensuring that you’re seeing the action in real time with little to no lag. To most everyday users, this distinction doesn’t mean much, but to gamers, it can mean the difference between winning and losing.

Here are some of our favorite gaming monitors currently available.

Comes with a tactical edge shield to help you focus. Amazon

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This smartly-designed gaming monitor from BenQ comes with multiple factory settings tailored to every type of game from RPG to FPS. Its refresh rate is a blistering 240 Hertz, with a response rate of 1 millisecond, and you can adjust its swivel and tilt as it sits atop a height-adjustable stand or bring your own VESA-compatible mount. Its plethora of ports and an included removable shield to keep distractions away make this monitor a fantastic choice for any serious gamer.

Built-in speakers and automatic blue-reduction. Amazon

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Sceptre’s gaming monitor is a stylish, decked out option with unique design features that help it stand apart from others in its class. For one, it has a snappy 100-Hertz refresh rate packed into a 34-inch curved, 21:9 aspect ratio surface that’s designed to match the contours of the human eye. Go for a curved monitor for a surprisingly natural gaming feel that, unlike traditional designs, keeps all images equidistant from your eyes.

A 3000:1 contrast ratio that doesn’t let you miss a detail. Amazon

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This curved gaming monitor from Samsung boasts a super-fast refresh rate of 240 times per second and a four-millisecond color change rate for a virtually instantaneous response feel. You can use it to play on multiple systems without constantly messing with plugs thanks to its multiple HDMI inputs, and its red-shifting eye saver mode allows for extended play with less fatigue. It’s also Nvidia G-sync compatible, allowing the monitor to perfectly sync its own refresh rate with your computer’s graphics card.

Super responsive with deep, vivid colors. Amazon

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The Acer Predator series of gaming monitors are squarely rooted in the ultimate tier of their own class thanks to their generous implementation of new technologies, including ultra high-definition 4K resolution and IPS construction for crisp, rich colors. This unit is 27 inches across the diagonal and boasts a 144-Hertz refresh rate as well as DisplayPort and HDMI connectivity.