The best inflatable hot tubs of 2024

Sit back and relax in an inflatable hot tub that gives you the comforts of a permanent model without the financial or space commitment.

Best Overall

The Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub is the best overall.

Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub

Best Value

The CO-Z Inflatable Tub is the best value.

CO-Z Inflatable Tub

Best With Hydro Jets

The Bestway SaluSpa Hawaii HydroJet Pro is the best with hydro jets.

Bestway SaluSpa Hawaii HydroJet Pro

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The heat and motion of a hot tub’s water massage relax tense muscles and minds. But not everyone has the square footage or budget for a full-size permanent model. Plus, wouldn’t it be nice to set up a hot tub while camping or on vacation? The best inflatable hot tubs let you set up an escape anywhere you’ve got water and enough space.  

An inflatable hot tub can fit one to eight people and may feature hydro jets or air jets to provide water massage. While they can weigh over 100 pounds, these hot tubs can be stored in the garage, basement, or under a bed when folded down. They may feature temperature controls, padded seats, neck rests, and digital controls, too. Welcome to the world of inflatable hot tubs. Have a seat and relax while reading through our guide to find the best one for your backyard.

How we picked the best inflatable hot tubs

I looked at over 30 models when searching for the best inflatable hot tub. It’s a fairly limited field, but there were definitely features that stood out. I considered ease of set up, air jets or hydro jets, capacity, and the durability and effectiveness of the included heater and pump. 

Setup: Setup ease included looking at whether or not you need extra tools. Once set up, I considered the stability of the design. Could you sit on the edge of the hot tub?

Jets: How many jets are there, and how effective are they? 

Heater and pump durability: Pumps and heaters are a weak spot for many inflatable hot tubs. I looked for models that showed durability with a combination of good customer service when there was a problem.

The best inflatable hot tubs: Reviews & recommendations

Best overall: Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub

Best overall

Bubbling comfort

Why it made the cut: The SaluSpa made the list for its durable construction, easy-to-access digital controls, and ease of cleaning and draining. Definitely one of our favorite inflatable hot tubs on the market.


  • Capacity: 4-6 people, 242 gallons
  • Max water temperature: 104°F
  • Included: Cover, pump, chemical dispenser, 2 filter cartridges


  • Coverage of bubble jets
  • Stable design and construction
  • The heater maintains a set temperature for up to 72 hours


  • Can experience early pump failure

The Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub comes with all the features for a relaxing night in a hot tub. A digital control panel easily adjusts the temperature up to 104°F. The heater raises the temperature by about two degrees per hour, so it can take some time to reach that set temperature at first. Once it’s there, an automatic timer holds that temperature for up to 72 hours. 

The control panel also controls the air jets that surround the bottom edge of the hot tub. This design doesn’t have seats, though they can be bought separately. However, when you’re sitting on the bottom, those air jets gently massage the lower back. It’s advertised as holding four to six people, but in practice, it fits four average-sized adults comfortably. The Coleman’s structure includes interior wall supports, making the sides strong enough to sit on. However, it still folds down for compact storage. 

Something to watch out for is pump failure within the first year. A low number of users experience this, and the company offers good customer service, but it could be an issue.

Best large model: Intex PureSpa Greywood Deluxe

Best large model

Quiet and comfortable

Why it made the cut: A package that includes everything to get you started, along with a high capacity and supportive structure, puts the PureSpa near the top of our list.


  • Capacity: 6 people, 290 gallons
  • Max water temperature: 104°F
  • Included: Insulated cover, filtration system, 2 filter cartridges, LED light, 2 headrests, thermal ground cloth, inflation hose, carry bag, floating chlorine dispenser, test strip


  • Internal structure adds support and shape
  • Bubble jets provide a massage-like feel
  • Quiet operation 


  • Small floating chlorine dispenser
  • LED light easily corrodes

The Intex PureSpa Greywood Deluxe features a fiber-tech interior structure that helps it hold its shape, even when filled to the 290-gallon capacity. It can fit up to six people, two of whom can use one of the two provided seats. However, this hot tub is fairly shallow, and the seats raise you out of the water quite a bit. 

The 170 bubble jets surround the bottom perimeter and move quite a bit of air. They draw air from the outside, so if it’s cold outside, they can cool the water temperature, too. You can adjust the temperature up to 104°F and control the bubble jets using the wireless digital controls. The pump and heater run extremely quietly. This model comes with a lot of extras like a thermal ground cover and insulated cover, both of which help conserve energy by preserving heat. 

The PureSpa includes a little ambiance with a color-changing LED light. However, that light can be a weakness, as some users have noted that it corrodes quickly, requiring frequent replacement. Additionally, the included floating chlorine dispenser is small enough that you’ll have to find another method for keeping the water clean.

Best with hydro jets: Bestway SaluSpa Hawaii HydroJet Pro

Best with hydro jets

Hydro massage

Why it made the cut: This model’s adjustable hydro jets can pivot to adjust the angle and twist to change the flow rate, making it one of our top inflatable hot tubs with hydro jets—and one of the most comfortable. 


  • Capacity: 4-6 people, 210 gallon
  • Max water temperature: 104°F
  • Included: Cover, pump, chemical dispenser, 2 filter cartridges


  • Adjustable hydro jets
  • Twisting bevel increases or decreases flow rate
  • Easy setup with a strong internal structure


  • Chlorinator problems

The Bestway SaluSpa Hawaii HydroJet Pro features a strong internal I-beam structure that holds the shape over time, but it’s the hydro jets and their design that got this model on the list. The jets can pivot to adjust the angle, helping target pain points. A twist of the jet’s bevel adjusts the water flow for customized water massage.  

It also features a digital control panel to make temperature adjustments up to 104°F. An automatic timer works both for and against you with this model. While it’s an excellent way to save energy by shutting down the heat after 72 hours, if you’re planning on getting in after the heat has shut down, it can take several hours to get it back to temperature. Daily use requires remembering to turn the heater and pump back on. Lift handles and an insulated cover round out the other top features. 

Where this model falls short is the chlorinator. It’s not large enough to effectively keep the water clean. Most users have to use an alternative method to sanitize the water.

Best for winter: Bestway 60022E SaluSpa

Best for winter

Simple heating

Why it made the cut: This Bestway model is our pick for the ultimate hot tub for winter because of its 39°F minimum temperature range and power-saving timer that keeps it at temperature for up to 72 hours. 


  • Capacity: 4-6 people, 222 gallons
  • Max water temperature: 104°F
  • Included: Cover, pump, chemical dispenser, filter cartridge


  • 39°F minimum operating temperature
  • Power saving timer keeps it at temperature even in low outdoor temperatures
  • Simple setup and digital control panel


  • Can have pump problems

The Bestway 60022E SaluSpa has a minimum operating temperature of 39°F, which is slightly lower than similar models. It also has a power-saving timer that maintains the temperature for up to 72 hours. That can work for or against you—if you use it daily, it could get annoying to reset it every time. However, it also means there’s no risk of accidentally leaving it on for days at a time. 

Besides the temperature minimum and timer, this model also offers easy-to-use digital controls that let users adjust the temperature or turn on the air jets. Most reviewers find it easy to set up and run. When it’s not filled, the handles allow you to easily move the hot tub around your property. It also includes a cover with locking clips to help maintain the water temperature. 

As far as cons, the pump has been known, in some cases, to prematurely wear out.

Best value: CO-Z Inflatable Tub

Best value

Personal spa

Why it made the cut: If you’re working on a budget, this personal hot tub can provide heated comfort, easy portability, and an ergonomic design.


  • Capacity: One person, 25 gallons
  • Max water temperature: 122°F
  • Included: Electric air pump


  • Comes with a convenient cup holder
  • Compact and easy to store
  • Can fit in some showers


  • Difficult to drain

The CO-Z Inflatable Tub provides a relaxing spot to kick back and relax. It can hold water that’s up to 122°F, and an extra thick bottom provides some insulation to maintain the water temperature. While it’s a bit of a bear to inflate and deflate, once it’s up, you get a personal hot tub experience complete with a seat and armrests. There’s also a cup holder to sip your favorite drink while you relax. 

Of all the models on our list, this one is the easiest to store simply because it’s smaller. That also means the pump is smaller, again saving storage space. However, this is a tough hot tub to drain when you’re done.

Things to consider before buying an inflatable hot tub

Weight and location

As goes for inflatable pools, you’ll need to consider the tub’s weight before deciding on a location. A deck can’t support the weight of a full inflatable hot tub—which can weigh more than 2,000 pounds—unless it’s been built to do so. 

Instead, opt for a patio or other ground-based space. You’ll also need to be near a fairly high-powered outlet for the pump and heating mechanism unless they’re battery-powered. The area should provide somewhere you can safely drain hundreds of gallons of water, as these hot tubs require regular draining and cleaning every so often. Be careful if you decide to set up the hot tub in a garage or basement since draining can cause serious water damage.

Inflatable hot tubs are made of tough materials, but they still shouldn’t be placed on anything sharp, like gravel. All that weight pressing down on a sharp object could lead to punctures.

Installation, maintenance savings, and cost

These hot tubs usually don’t require extra tools to install, which makes setup quick. However, it takes a couple of days for them to warm up. You’ll also need some accessories. These hot tubs require an investment in hot tub cleaning chemicals, a cover if it’s not included, and a skimmer to scoop out leaves or other debris. A seat, luckily, isn’t really necessary, thanks to a comfortable padded base and short walls.


Q: Are inflatable hot tubs expensive to run?

They are expensive to run. They’re usually more expensive than a full-size permanent hot tub simply because they lack the same insulation to hold the water temperature. The lack of insulation can also make it take longer to heat the water to the desired temperature, all the while using more power to do so. Accessories like a cover and thermal ground cover can help hold the heat. Models with built-in timers can save money by turning off the heater automatically.

Q: What can I put under my inflatable hot tub?

Any material that can help insulate the hot tub and protect it from the ground can work as a ground cover. A drop cloth, foam tiles, thermal ground cover, or plastic resin base pad are all options worth considering.

Q: Can you put an inflatable hot tub in a basement?

You can put one in a basement, but it comes with specific hazards and issues that must be addressed. For example, you’ll experience more condensation and rising humidity levels, so you will need extra ventilation and possibly a dehumidifier. There’s also a risk of water damage if the hot tub leaks or if it drains by accident. Additionally, you’ll need some way to safely drain the water.

Final thoughts on the best inflatable hot tubs

The Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub offers the best mix of features, durability, and comfort, making it our top choice. For those who want adjustable comfort, the Bestway SaluSpa Hawaii HydroJet Pro’s adjustable hydro jets customize your comfort and spa experience.


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