This Google Patent Is Like Human Flypaper For Cars

It will make pedestrian strikes like hitting a really, really big bug.

If you are ever struck by a self-driven car in the future, then you might finally understand how a bug feels on your windshield–except you’ll have a better chance of surviving.

Google has put through a patent for a new strategy to limit injuries when pedestrians are struck with vehicles. It operates roughly through the same method as flypaper.

Using adhesive, the front of the vehicle will glue pedestrians to the car’s hood, effectively preventing them from taking a nasty tumble over the back of the car, or rolling off and onto the concrete. That’s where most collision-based injuries happen anyway, according to the patent.

Limiting the whole “getting struck by a car” incident to just one set of injuries sounds promising, but even if this makes it onto vehicles on the roads, you should probably still continue to look both ways well into the future.

[H/T The Verge]