Rob Stumpf

Rob Stumpf

Contributor, Tech

Rob has been covering emerging car tech for PopSci since 2021, and the automotive beat for its motoring-focused sibling publication, The Drive, since early 2017. He brings both a tech and automotive background to his work about what the future of mobility holds. Rob lives in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania with his wife, daughter, and three dogs.


  • Strong technical expertise with a focus on connected technologies and cybersecurity.
  • Holds eight industry-recognized certifications in the technology field.
  • Connoisseur of rear-wheel-drive econoboxes with manual transmissions from the ‘90s


Despite being a car nut, Rob has a formal background in computer engineering—meaning he could build your car and your computer (for the right price). Rob’s reporting focuses on how the automotive world is changing around technology. With the two industries now becoming more closely related than ever before, his 15 years of expertise in the tech field lends his reporting on automotive subjects a valuable perspective. He prides himself in praising legitimate emerging new car tech, and figuring out what are just bridges for sale in disguise.


Rob holds a bachelors in computer science, has eight industry certifications covering various areas of technology; he also has ongoing postgraduate studies in cybersecurity at Purdue University.

Favorite weird science fact

Horses produced around 3.4 million pounds of poop in New York City each day during the 19th century—that was enough pollution for gas-powered cars to be considered a “greener” alternative.

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