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44 ice cube trays for the chillest people you know

Take advantage of this golden age of novelty ice molds.

Ice Cube Molds

The kinds of molds you want in your house


As the temperature warms and the sun starts to beat down on my back, I'm thinking about ice cubes—and not the boring square ice molds, either. In this era of silicone molds—which, as Pop Sci's editor in chief has pointed out have a "low coefficient of friction and a pliable nature" that let you "create otherwise impossible-to-release shapes with ease"—there's no reason to stick to standard cube-y fare.

To that end, check out these 47 variations on the classic cube that will give your cocktail some character.

Alphabet Ice Cube Tray

Alphabet in ice


Do I need to spell out how awesome these are? All the fun of alphabet soup, but it's in your spiked punch bowl instead. $17.

Batman Ice Cube Tray

Batman ice cube tray


Are you anticipating the new Ben Affleck Batman movie? I'm not. Celebrate classic Batman with this old-school ice mold. $8.

Bullet Ice Cube Tray

Bullet ice cube tray


Bullet shaped ice cubes to cool down your shots. They go down easier that way. $6.

Kitty Cat Ice Cube Molds

Kitty ice cubes


Cats! $5.

Chillz Ice Ball Ice Sphere Mold

Chillz Ice Ball


Want that spheric ice you get in fancy cocktail bars? Cool! Here you go. $9.

Leg Lamp Ice Mold

Leg lamp ice


Why were these made? Because they are awesome. I'd pay an arm and a leg(lamp) for these. $10.

Coffee Bean Ice Molds

Coffee beans on ice


Coffee-shaped beans to cool your iced coffee. $12.

Dachshund Ice Cube Tray

Dachshund ice cubes


Feel like a winner with these wiener dog ice molds. $11.

Diamond Ring Ice Mold

Celebrate ice


We propose that these ice cube diamond rings will outdo all others. $10.

Dinosaur Fossil Mold

Fossil molds


Unearth your appreciation of ice with these dinosaur fossils. $20.

Doctor Who Dalek mold

Doctor Who Dalek mold


By far the most timey-wimey molds on this list. Doctor Who? Doctor you. $7.

Diamond and Gem Molds

Diamond and gem molds


Diamonds are a girl's best friend. These will be yours. $6.

Grenade Ice Mold

Grenade mold


They'll make your drink the bomb! (I'm so sorry.) $20.

Guitar Neck Ice Sticks

Guitar ice sticks


We wouldn't leave out musicians! Stick these in your pre-show beverages. Nothing says rockstar like a music-themed drink stirrer for the stage. $8.

Gummy Candy Molds

Candy shaped ice molds


Worms and bears and fish, oh my. $10.

Heart Ice Molds

Heart mold


Hearts to make any drink romantic. Or something. $8.

Stars, Shells, Hearts

Stars, Shells, Hearts


Three ice molds for people who love the sky and the ocean! $8.

Iron Man Ice Cubes

Iron Man ice mold


If all of The Avengers can save the world, I think one of them can keep your drink cold. Iron Man might be a hot head, but he will do the trick. $7.

Lego Ice Molds

Lego ice


Nothing really to say here. Lego rules. $10.

Super Mario Bros Ice Molds

Super Mario Bros ice molds


If you've ever wanted to have a drink on the rocks with Mario, you are out of luck. He is not real. This is the closest you will get. $9.

Music Note Ice Mold

Music note ice


Reserved for your most noteworthy beverages. $14.

Ninja Turtles Ice Mold

Ninja Turtle ice


Mutant ice molds for reptile lovers. Cowabunga. $10.

Octopus Ice Mold

Octopus ice


Each leg provides extra cooling power! Just kidding. Did you know that octopuses have three hearts? $10.

Orange Slice Ice Mold

Orange slice ice


Fill these orange slice molds with juice to add some extra flavor to your drinks. They're particularly cute for lemonade, honestly. $6.

Paw Bone Ice Molds

Doggie Paw & Bone molds


Give a dog a bone? How about ... give a drink an ice cube that looks like a bone. $11.

Penguin Ice Molds

Penguin ice


Do you love penguins? Same. $9.

Polar Bear and Penguin Ice Molds

Polar Bear and Penguin molds


These are just badass. Create your own polar bear or penguin ice mold floats. They'll float above the water and be great drinking buddies. $10.

Shot Glass Ice Molds

Shot glass ice molds


Save money on shot glasses. Shot glass ice molds will cool your shot and save on cleaning time. $8.

Skull & Bones Ice Mold

Skull & Bones ice


Ice for pirates. There is nothing worse than warm grog. $6.

Emoji Ice Mold

Ice to tell you how to feel


If you don't have a copy of Bobby McFerrin's Don't Worry Be Happy with you, these Emoji ice molds will remind you to smile. $10.

Spiderman Ice Mold

Spiderman ice


Does this make your spidey senses tingle? We thought so. $14.

Spider Stick Ice Mold

Spider stick


Weird idea for an ice mold, but that is why they are so awesome. Also a cool way to scare your friend. $10.

SpongeBob Ice Molds

SpongeBob molds


Does he live in a cold pineapple under the sea? He better. Does Mr. Krabs keep his kelp shakes cool with these ice molds? You bet he does. $14.

Spoon Ice Mold

Spoon ice


A stirrer that can also cool your drink? $7.

Squirrel Ice Molds

Cute animal ice


D'aww. I've heard people say that their drink is too sweet, but never that their drink is too cute. Make your drink too cute. $8.

Star Trek Ice Molds

Star Trek ice


Cool your drink at warp drive. (Note: these don't actually make your drinks cooler any faster than normal.) $12.

Star Wars Ice Mold

Star Wars ice


Don't get too excited. These aren't frozen in Carbonite, though they can keep your frosty beverage as cold as a winter day on Hoth. $20.

Superman Ice Mold

Superman ice cubes


Do your drink justice. You will be Krypt-on-point for any occasion. $9.

Teeth Ice Mold

Teeth ice mold


It's painful if your teeth are cold. Freeze these teeth instead. Bonus points if you use these with your seltzer. $8.

Texas Ice Mold

Texas ice mold


Chill out, Texas. $20.

Titanic Ship Ice Molds

Ship mold


Ice molds for people that have seen Titanic more than 5 times. $8.

Weed Ice Molds

Weed ice


These just look like marijuana leaves. Look cool with none of the perks! $10.

Whiskey Ice Cube Molds

Square whiskey ice


Big-cube whiskey ice! They aren't boring because they are BIGGER. $13.

Wonder Woman Ice Cube Molds

Wonder Woman ice molds


Wonder Woman takes on Nazis. Celebrate her by putting her in every drink. $9.

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