You Can Now Use Facebook As Your Calendar App

Here's how
Facebook Events app on iOS

Events on Facebook are almost as integral a part of the service as photos, status updates, and the almighty poke. To place greater emphasis on events, the social networking site has released an app named just that, Events, for iOS (with an Android version on the way). As one would expect, the app gives you an overview of your various Facebook events coming up. The app also suggests events you might like, based on interests selected when you first open the app. Though most interesting is that Facebook offers to tie-in to your regular iCloud calendar, meaning if you want to make it your primary calendar app you can very well do so.

To start, download and install the app from here. If you’re already logged into Facebook on your phone, you’ll be prompted to “Continue as Your Name Here.” Follow the motions and enter the app.

After entering the home screen, tap the calendar icon (third from the left). You’ll be taken to the calendar view. At which point you may be greeted by a giant lock symbol. If so, the app will tell you to head over to the Settings app and change a toggle in privacy. While we couldn’t find the Events app in the privacy portion of Settings, here’s what did work.

Head to the fourth icon to reach the Events app settings, and tap the first selection Calendars.

Facebook Events app
Select the calendar icon Facebook Events app
Facebook Events app
Adding your iCloud calendar Facebook Events app

Upon tapping Calendars, you’ll be prompted to give Facebook access to your iOS calendar (the default calendar system on iPhone). To create and modify non-Facebook events within the Events app, you’ll need to allow access. This access can be revoked at any time within the privacy section of the Settings app.

Once you’ve granted access, you can add an event using the plus button in the top right. You’ll be greeted with a menu asking if you want to create a Facebook event or a standard calendar one.

Facebook Events app

In the wake of the calendar app Sunrise, Facebook’s Events app could fill a hole in the app screen of power calendar users. Few apps offer event suggestion just a few panels over and combining a users default iPhone calendar is a clever way to keep users inside Events. Support for Google Calendar would seal the deal but we’ll wait and see what the Android version brings.