Human Penis Size, Illuminati, And The Other Most Popular Wikipedia Pages Of 2012

Some science and tech. More movies and celebs.
Wikimedia Commons

A barebones site has collected the 100 most popular Wikipedia stories from each major language. The different languages have different pages entirely, as they’re more like localized versions of Wikipedia than translated versions of the original, English-language site. The view counts are public; anyone can check and see the popularity of any individual page. So what was the most popular?

The top five English-language pages are Facebook, Wiki, Deaths in 2012, One Direction, and The Avengers (2012 film). The list includes an awful lot of pop culture stuff like that–Fifty Shades of Grey, The Dark Knight Rises, and The Hunger Games are also in the top 10–but there’s a whole mess of tech in there, too. Google, YouTube, Wikipedia, SOPA, Android, Stephen Hawking, and more can be found in the top 100.

The page we investigated awhile back, for Hurricane Sandy, didn’t make the top 100. But the page on Human Penis Size did. I suppose that’s kinda scientific.