Selfie taken by Astronaut Scott Kelly with Space Station-Grown Lettuce
Scott Kelly/Twitter/NASA

Astronaut Scott Kelly has spent almost an entire year in space (he’s scheduled to return to Earth in March 2016 with Expedition 46.) Astronauts on the Space Station do plenty of live Q&A sessions via live video (including with Popular Science), but Kelly took to his Tumblr over the weekend to answer some fan questions.

This is the coolest thing Scott Kelly has seen aboard the space station:

Moons photo

Aurora From Space

And Kelly’s dreams have become more space-based since he began living aboard the International Space Station. As he wrote:

Although, he says he’s generally not a great sleeper, especially in space.

If you’re curious as to whether burping in space is different, Kelly can’t tell you. He hasn’t burped in nearly a year!

Living above the Earth has also given Kelly some new perspective on the planet, and where he’d like to go on it:

Moons photo

Namib Sand Sea From Space

He also gave a special Valentine’s Day message to the moon, on behalf of Tumblr user 324b2dun:

Moons photo

The Moon from the Space Station

Kelly is scheduled to return to Earth in March 2016 with Exp 46. He says the first thing he plans to do once he’s back on Earth is:

To read all of the questions Kelly answered, check out his AnswerTime tag on Tumblr.