What Do Astronauts Dream?

And other answers from Scott Kelly’s Tumblr ‘AnswerTime’

Astronaut Scott Kelly has spent almost an entire year in space (he's scheduled to return to Earth in March 2016 with Expedition 46.) Astronauts on the Space Station do plenty of live Q&A sessions via live video (including with Popular Science), but Kelly took to his Tumblr over the weekend to answer some fan questions.

This is the coolest thing Scott Kelly has seen aboard the space station:

The Earth never fails to disappoint, but I’ve seen some pretty spectacular aurora from here.

Aurora From Space

Scott Kelly

And Kelly's dreams have become more space-based since he began living aboard the International Space Station. As he wrote:

In the beginning, most of my dreams were Earth-based. Then, they became space-based. And now as I am getting ready to return home, I am dreaming of Earth again.

Although, he says he's generally not a great sleeper, especially in space.

I probably sleep less here in space. I’m not a great sleeper in general. But I definitely miss sleeping in a bed.

If you're curious as to whether burping in space is different, Kelly can't tell you. He hasn't burped in nearly a year!

That’s a good question. I don’t think I’ve ever burped up here.

Living above the Earth has also given Kelly some new perspective on the planet, and where he’d like to go on it:

How would you best describe the view of Earth from space? Incredibly beautiful and at the same time very fragile, particularly our atmosphere.

I want to know how your views of Earth and humanity have changed since your first experience in space. -Dillon My first flight was seven days. Now I’ve been in space for more than 500 total, so I’ve had a lot more time to experience being away from Earth. So, I have a more empathetic view of the human condition and the condition of the planet.

Namib Sand Sea From Space

Scott Kelly

He also gave a special Valentine's Day message to the moon, on behalf of Tumblr user 324b2dun:

Dear moon, @324b2dun loves you. Happy Valentines!

The Moon from the Space Station

Scott Kelly

Kelly is scheduled to return to Earth in March 2016 with Exp 46. He says the first thing he plans to do once he's back on Earth is:

I’ll give Amiko [Kauderer, his long term partner], Samantha and Charlotte [his and Kauderer's children] a big hug.

To read all of the questions Kelly answered, check out his AnswerTime tag on Tumblr.