The Most Amazing Photos Of Flowers You've Ever Seen

A peek at some of the shots in Andrew Zuckerman's gorgeous coffee table book Flower

Flowers aren't everyone's cup of tea, but the latest project from minimalist filmmaker and photographer Andrew Zuckerman could make even the biggest skeptic fall in love with blooms. His book of photography, Flower, renders some familiar species so crisply they're almost unrecognizable as something you'd see in your neighbor's garden.

In Flower, Zuckerman says he aims "to translate the essential nature of his subjects and unearth qualities that have previously escaped scrutiny."

The hefty coffee table tome is the result of an investigation of over 300 species, providing an intimate, pared-down look at the botanical world. Filmmaker David Lynch sings his praises on the book's back cover: "These photographs of flowers taken by Andrew Zuckerman are pure." And everyone knows you can't argue with a book blurb from David Lynch.

You can check out more multimedia associated with the project on the Flower website.

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Jimson weed
Jimson weedAndrew Zuckerman
Cat's Whiskers
Cat's WhiskersAndrew Zuckerman
Cannonball Tree
Cannonball TreeAndrew Zuckerman
Jade Vine
Jade VineAndrew Zuckerman
Pride of Burma
Pride of BurmaAndrew Zuckerman
Purple Passionflower
Purple PassionflowerAndrew Zuckerman
Shaving Brush Tree
Shaving Brush TreeAndrew Zuckerman
Andrew Zuckerman's Flower
Andrew Zuckerman's FlowerAndrew Zuckerman