Screenshot from 'Shadows in the Grass' trailer
A space station named Hypatia. Shadows in the Grass

Twenty seconds. That’s how far into this short teaser for Shadows In The Grass, a new indie sci-fi short film currently in production, that it took to win me over. Just look at the design of the futuristic space station and tell me it doesn’t evoke Don Davis’s awe-inspiring 1970s Toroidal space colony art for NASA, Kubrick’s 2001, or maybe even the newer dystopian TV series The 100 (in a good way). Shadows focuses on a woman who awakens with amnesia in said space station, with only an A.I. robot as her companion.

The creators Matthew Nayman and Mike Boers (makers of indie Blind Spot) say that their film is mostly shot and edited, but they’re seeking an additional $35,000 Canadian in crowdfunding on Indiegogo to pay for their visual effects artists, not a huge amount as far as films go. If they get it, let’s hope the quality of the story matches the effects they’ve shown so far.

[H/T: Justine A. Smith]

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