The Space Shuttle Era’s Best Images

Gone, but too awesome to forget
Space Shuttle Era

For many kids growing up in the ’80s and ’90s, NASA’s Space Shuttle program was awe-inspiring. Many of us remember seeing shuttle after shuttle, with their giant, iconic orange fuel tanks, scream into the upper atmosphere, blasting out flames in their wake. This was the moment that many of us declared that we’d become astronauts, perhaps without understanding what that career path entailed.

So, in order to celebrate the Space Shuttle program in all of its awesomeness, here are some of its greatest images from over the years.

Columbia's first launch
Challenger launch
Spacewalk International Space Station
Spacewalk International Space Station
STS-116 mission to aid the ISS
Discovery Docks with Hubble
Floating Through Space with no tether
Endeavour's Final Flight
Enterprise Visits the Statue of Liberty
Endeavour Atop a Shuttle Carrier Aircraft