Samsung’s Galaxy S20, an electric Hummer, and the rest of the current tech rumors

Catch up on all the technology gossip without all the hype.

Galaxy S10 phone
Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S20 will reportedly have four cameras—one more than the S10 pictured here.Samsung

It’s fun to speculate about tech rumors, especially when they apply to the products we use every day. But, every rumor is different. Some are likely true, while others are little more than desperate clickbait. On this page, we plan to keep a running tab of the most popular rumors in the tech world and contextualize them so you don’t get your hopes up—and then feel sad when they don’t pan out.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 will have five cameras

Just before CES, Samsung announced its upcoming Unpacked event for February 11th. It looks like the marquis product from that event has already leaked. XDA Developers claims to have its hands on a Galaxy S20, which will take the place of the Galaxy S10 at the top of the company’s smartphone lineup. According to the leaks, the phone will have a flatter construction with less curvature on the sides of the screens and an array of four cameras on the back, including a telephoto portrait lens, a regular wide-angle, a super wide-angle, and possibly a macro lens that will focus extremely close to its subjects.

Gutcheck: The Leaks look extremely convincing and the details make sense with what we’d expect. It’s likely we’ll see several different screen-size options and the option for 5G connectivity to follow up on the company’s efforts from last year. The addition of a macro lens would be nice, but the physical lens requirements of a true macro could make that difficult to achieve. We’ll find out in February.

Samsung’s next Foldable is the smaller Pocket Bloom

The Galaxy Fold already inhabits Samsung’s phone-to-tablet foldable device. Early leaks, however, claim that its next venture into folding screens will be called the Bloom and it will have a form factor closer to that found in the reborn Motorola Razr. It’s reportedly designed to match the aesthetics of a makeup compact.

Gutchcheck: While some parts of the rumor—like the ability to shoot 8K video and connect to 5G—seem like a stretch, the form factor and name of the device are very believable. Moto’s Razr garnered a very positive reaction at the end of last year, so you might expect to see more phones with this orientation rather than trying to flap out into a giant screen.

The Hummer is becoming an electric pickup

A Wall Street Journal report claims the new Hummer will debut during a Super Bowl commercial this year. It will reportedly carry the GMC label and exist as a totally electric pickup truck.

Gutcheck: Electric vehicles are having a moment that will likely continue through this decade. And with SUV and truck sales rising sharply in the U.S., this is a reasonable time to bring back the Hummer label, which has been dormant for 10 years now. Lebron James will reportedly appear in the commercial, which has already been filmed.

The new 13-inch MacBook Pro with the improved keyboard is coming soon

We already have the new 16-inch MacBook Pro, but now Apple is reportedly bringing its upgraded keyboard to the 13-inch model according to a report from 9to5mac. There’s no hard date for release, but it will likely come in the next few months.

Gutcheck: The EEC filing calls the new machine a “portable personal computer,” and it makes sense that the 13-inch MBP would get the same kind of love its bigger sibling got last year. There’s still a chance it could be something slightly more interesting, but we won’t know for several months.

Apple will finally release its VR headset and smart glasses in the coming years

Tales of Apple’s augmented reality and virtual reality headset represent one of the oldest tech rumors around. We have been hearing about the company’s AR and VR ambitions for years, but it seems like they may finally come true—starting in 2021 or 2022. A Bloomberg report claims that the company is working on a new kind of “3-D sensor system,” that will allow devices to map an environment and insert digital objects into it for interactive experiences.

The report also claims that Apple will release a pair of AR glasses that users can wear out in public by some time in 2023. It’s not exactly clear if it would be something like Google Glass with a small display off to the side of the lenses, or if it would be something more involved like Magic Leap, which immerses most of a user’s field of view in augmented reality.

Gutcheck: We know that Apple currently puts a ton of value in AR and VR. Tim Cook has been enthusiastic about the technology and reports estimate there are more than 1,000 developers working on it for the company. News about a new 3-D sensor tech makes sense since Apple is already using a simpler version of it as part of the FaceID system built into the iPhones. We’ve also seen Magic Leap using a similar room-mapping strategy in its augmented reality headset.

While the information in the rumor isn’t hard to believe, the timeline is strange. A different rumor claims that the device will start shipping in 2020 and that it will serve primarily as an accessory for the iPhone. Allegedly, the company intends to keep the headset small and light by letting the smartphone do most of the computing work.

Smart glasses pose a more interesting question about Apple’s future of hardware. Some have gone as far as to suggest that big companies like Apple hope to eventually replace phones with face-mounted displays. Apple does have several patents relating back to smart glasses, but we know that many patents never actually become real products.

Ultimately, it’s a safe bet that Apple will ask you to wear one of its products on your face some time between the 2020 Olympics and the 2024 summer games.

Samsung is working on a rolling screen smartphone

Back at CES 2019, LG said it's working on making its rolling screen technology that it already uses in TVs and applying it to smartphones. Now, a Samsung patent shows a phone with a screen that extends thanks to the rolling display that can stash away when it's not in use.

Gutcheck: LG is definitely working on something like this and it’s safe to assume that Samsung is, as well, but don’t expect to see it all that soon. One wacky screen tech at a time is enough.