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The best MagSafe cases for 2024

Keep your iPhone protected and maximize its wireless charging potential with one of the top fashionable and functional MagSafe cases.

The best binoculars for astronomy in 2024

While telescopes are popular for stargazing, binoculars for astronomy offer a more portable option for gazing into the heavens. Binoculars are extremely versatile, working well for general terrestrial observations as well as more celestial surveying. You can even use them handheld or on a mount. Whether you want to observe the moon or casually stargaze, […]

The best portable SSDs for 2024

Portable SSDs (short for solid state drives) hold onto large portions of your digital data to keep your computer’s internal drive clean and tidy. These pint-sized SSDs typically offer faster transfers, longer lifespans, and smaller form factors than their traditional hard drive counterparts. As price-per-gigabyte has dropped in recent years, these devices have become more […]

The best electric screwdrivers for 2024

An electric screwdriver—which is different than a drill or impact driver in that it’s smaller, less powerful, and less expensive—can be a helpful time-saving tool to have on your belt. This belt-friendly tool can help you insert or remove screws when assembling furniture, a new computer, or taking on any number of DIY projects. If […]

The best electric pressure washers for 2024

An electric pressure washer provides one of the most effective (and kinda fun) methods of blasting gunk and grime off just about any outdoor surface. Manually maintaining and restoring parts of your house routinely pelted by rain and snow can be time-consuming, if not impossible. A pressure washer can restore these tricky spots to their […]