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It’s never more than nine months away from autumn, which means it’s never a bad time to be thinking about yard care, and lawn tools like cordless leaf blowers. As cities get more crowded and more expensive, the suburbs get more appealing, which means the competition for tools can get intense. Don’t wait till your lawn is smothered to find out that hard way that the local hardware store has been emptied. Whether you are new to leaf blowers or want an upgrade, the best cordless leaf blowers will up your “raking” game into the 21st century.

How we selected the best cordless leaf blowers

Naturally, there are countless cordless leaf blowers to choose from, but not every one of them will suit your individual needs. To make this list, I first explored critical reviews to determine what are considered the best cordless leaf blower brands. Then I investigated what people were searching for in a model. As it turns out, a lot of folks are really interested in getting leaf blowers with accessories like vacuums and trimmers or aren’t too shy about wanting a small cordless leaf blower. I took all of these expectations and impressions into account and sorted out the winners into the right categories so you can get exactly what you want.

The best cordless leaf blowers: Reviews & Recommendations

While any of the following leaf blowers will work well, and we especially love what BHY has to offer, we’ve categorized our selections with the special features and accessories that we know you need to be happy with a cordless leaf blower. For example, if having a vacuum is essential for you, go with this option from BLACK+DECKER. No matter what you’re looking for to deal with the yearly deluge of fallen foliage, take a look through our list and we bet you’ll find it.

Best overall: BHY 320 CFM 150 MPH Battery Leaf Blower with 4.0Ah Battery & Charge



Why it made the cut: This offering from BHY is a powerful tool with lots of versatility that doesn’t make you pay for extra frills.


  • Weight: 6.2 pounds
  • Power: 320 CFM, 150 MPH
  • Length: 2-tube adjustable


  • Quick setup
  • Locking trigger-grip for hand comfort
  • Multiple speeds
  • Cost-effective


  • Loses battery quickly at top speeds

The BHY is the top cordless leaf blower because it has the top hardware available without scaring you at the checkout counter. With six speeds and two section tubes for adjustable length, the BHY is very adaptable and consumer friendly. Incredibly, it comes in at under $100.

The six speeds to choose from come in particularly handy, as you won’t often need the full 150 MPH for average leaf-blowing scenarios. In fact, I wholeheartedly recommend you turn down the speed a notch or two as the only real fault of the BHY is how charge-draining the top speeds are, killing the battery in under a half hour. While this isn’t unusual for cordless leaf blowers, it can be irritating if you’re just now going cordless. Use what you need for a majority of the yard, then finish up with short bursts of the max power to get the tough stuff left behind.

While on the topic of the battery, I do like how BHY sets out to save your battery instead of letting it get damaged in an attempt to sell you another one. How does the BHY save batteries? Automatic battery overheating protection! There’s a sensor that will shut things down if you’re running too hot. While it can feel annoying in the moment, this is a feature that has your long-term satisfaction in mind.

Finally, if you have arthritis or wrist issues, take note, because while you may notice that the BHY is a bit heavier than most items on this list, there is one big thing that makes up for that: the locking trigger mechanism in the grip. Instead of having to hold down a button, like on most trigger grips, you can lock it into the on position and go, saving yourself some tension in the joints.

Best with trimmer: WORX 20V GT Revolution 12″ WG930.2



Why it made the cut: This kit from WORX provides two batteries that interchange with the two machines you’re looking for to get your yard cleaned up.


  • Weight: 4.9 pounds
  • Power: 360 CFM, 75 MPH
  • Batteries Included: 2


  • Batteries work with other products in the WORX PowerShare system
  • Blower uses wide handle with thumb toggle
  • Trimmer also converts into an in-line wheeled edger and mini-mower
  • “Combo” pricing


  • Unfortunately, not just one machine

This 2-in-1 offering from WORX is the combo meal of yard work accessories. You’re getting a high-quality trimmer and leaf blower along with two interchangeable batteries that suit the system. In fact, the batteries provided will work with not only the trimmer and blower provided here but also other yard work equipment within WORX’s PowerShare system. Today, let’s focus on what this package provides:

The blower half of the combo is a lightweight, two-speed unit with a comfortable grip. From the top of the handle, you can choose between the slower 240 CFM, 50 MPH setting or the faster 360 CFM, 75 MPH option with just a flick of your thumb. Getting extra bursts of power when you need it should be easy!

The trimmer half is a tool that can tackle a lot of tasks in one package. It quickly converts to an edger and a mini mower by rotating the head. Your main time with the device will likely be in standard trimmer mode—the mini mower certainly isn’t meant to replace your amazing zero-turn mower—but the other features are a nice bonus. The trimmer also features a line feed, a single button to push to feed more line into the head, and a two-handed two-handled grip for precision cutting.

There’s nothing particularly negative to say about this system. I know a select few people looking for a leaf blower with a trimmer are probably looking for both in one device. Unfortunately, that isn’t going to be the case here or with any of the other top products researched for this article. Luckily, that isn’t the case for our next product, the best cordless leaf blower and vacuum combo, which has both in one unit.

Best with vacuum: BLACK+DECKER 40V Leaf Blower/Leaf Vacuum Kit



Why it made the cut: The BLACK+DECKER leaf blower with leaf vacuum kit has a space-saving mulcher and plentiful battery life.


  • Weight: 5.2 pounds + bag
  • Power: 120 MPH
  • Length: 37 inches


  • Soft-grip handle
  • Built-in mulcher to reduce leaf size
  • 17.6-liter bag
  • Long-lasting battery


  • Cannot disassemble once assembled

The BLACK+DECKER brings the best of both worlds with its blower and vacuum. We’ve also reviewed the best leaf vacuums, focusing more on the vacuum. The BLACK+DECKER has a comfortable grip and the power to get big blowing jobs done.

This 40-volt cordless leaf blower has a battery life worth commenting on. In my research through customer reviews of cordless leaf blowers, battery life was a common complaint … so much so that you’ll notice a few products on our best cordless leaf blowers list come with a backup battery. The BLACK+DECKER completely reverses this script, with average users mentioning satisfaction with the battery life and one even going so far as to say that they were able to clear their courtyard twice on a single charge.

The leaf mulcher breaks down leaves on their way to the bag, reducing the area they take up in the bag by about a sixth. Don’t worry about sucking up other organic debris by accident, either, as the mulch grinder is strong enough to take on the occasional acorn.

While you can take the bag on and off easily enough, both to remove mulched debris and to convert the vacuum back to blower mode, you won’t be able to disassemble the main blower body once you’ve put it together. 

Best lightweight: Somorei YS-710



Why it made the cut: The Somorei YS-710 packs quick bursts of intense power into a 3-pound frame.


  • Weight: 3.4 pounds
  • Power: 140 CFM, 130 MPH
  • Length: 2-tube adjustable (up to 35 inches)


  • Lightweight, full size
  • Anti-slip handle
  • Quick charging
  • Easy to transport


  • Low battery life on high power

It will be hard to find a full-length leaf blower lighter than the one offered by Somorei, which comes in at 3.4 pounds. Surprisingly, it is still able to muster up speeds up to 130 MPH and has a comfortable anti-slip handle. This isn’t just a cheap hollow plastic leaf blower with a random fan stuck inside.

The ideal usage for the Somorei is to clear off your deck, patio, or sidewalk using the lower speed setting, where power lasts for about 50 minutes. Then, you can finish up with a quick burst of power using the 130 MPH high speed. Unfortunately, for this mode, power only lasts about 10 minutes, but you probably won’t need it for very long. In the worst case, a full charge only takes around an hour. Even 20 to 30 minutes should be enough for a partial charge to finish the job. Take a quick rest and get back at it!

Since the Somorei cordless leaf blower is easy to disassemble and is also very light, you pop it in a work bag or backpack to take it to relevant work sites with ease, making it a perfect complement for field workers or people that travel to many job sites. Overall, the Somorei is an incredibly handy lightweight leaf blower, cordless and maneuverable.

Best small: Abeden Cordless Leaf Blower



Why it made the cut: This small cordless leaf blower from Abeden is great for cleaning out small places.


  • Weight: 3.15 pounds
  • Power: ~100 CFM
  • Size: 22 inches x 5.9 inches x 7.5 inches


  • Press-response speed control
  • Mini vacuum
  • 18,000 max RPM fan


  • 2.5-hour full-charge time
  • Small vacuum bag

For the times when you need to get into nooks and crannies and really blast them clean, the Abeden Cordless Leaf Blower has your back. At only 22-inches long, with a thin-tip nozzle, you’ll be able to pop the Abeden underneath that difficult hedge or in that hard-to-reach space behind the fence. An optional vacuum mode will make the Abeden great for getting between car seats and underneath couches as well.

One thing that is particularly cool about Abeden’s system is how easy it is to adjust between the two-speed offerings. Just pull the trigger harder for more power! It will almost feel automatic as you go around on low speed to pull the trigger a bit more tightly to go full blast. You should find the system very intuitive and in rhythm with what your brain is wanting from you.

The main frustrations with this cordless leaf blower are the small vacuum bag and long charge times. As a product going for the best small cordless leaf blower with vacuum, it really shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Abeden Cordless Leaf Blower’s vacuum bag is on the small side. What might shock you a tad is that it takes around two-and-a-half hours to get a full charge on the thing. So much for small body, quick charge.

the unusually long full-charge time: 3 hours.

Things to consider before buying cordless leaf blowers

When you want a cordless leaf blower, it can feel like the only thing that matters is that you avoid getting an annoying, dangling cord. The reality is that there are a lot of things going on in the world of cordless leaf blowers these days. They aren’t just refined to one or two items on a list of the overall top leaf blowers anymore. With all that variety, here’s what you should consider more before making a cordless leaf blower purchase on your own:

Weight & grip

Having a good hold on the cordless leaf blower will help you properly aim it, maintain good wrist health, and fight fatigue. The average leaf blower will weigh less than 7 pounds, but even that can be enough to damage sensitive wrists. The best lightweight leaf blowers are under 4 pounds.

You’ll also want a steady, comfortable grip. While hard, hollow plastic grips reduce price, consider nicer materials such as rubber or PVC around a sturdy metal interior to improve the overall quality of your time with your leaf blower. The best cordless leaf blowers will also consider that the line between the end of fall and the start of winter is usually a bit blurry—having enough room to grip the leaf blower’s handle while using mittens is very desirable.


A leaf blower’s power is usually measured in CFM and MPH. CFM, or cubic feet per minute, measures air volume used while MPH, or miles per hour, measures airspeed.

Since we’re dealing with completely invisible air, it can be quite tricky to properly visualize what is going on when we read these numbers. Instead, try imagining a hose filling up a pool. You’ll probably want to know how much water is coming out of the hose so you can see how long the job will take. That’s what CFM gives you for a leaf blower—how much air is coming out of the hose. You also might find it interesting to see how fast the water is moving when it comes out of the hose, in which case you’ll probably use MPH.

Our cordless leaf blower will work just like the hose. If you have a high volume (CFM) of air coming through the leaf blower, you will be able to get more work done quickly. With a high speed (MPH), you’ll be able to move heavier stuff. High CFMs get jobs done fast and high MPHs get heavier jobs done.


Finally, don’t discount the importance of the length of your leaf blower. You’ll want one that suits your height and needs. For the ground, people of average height will want something over three or four feet long, so you can comfortably stand and not have to tilt the handle too aggressively. Raised beds, car tops, and other places can use shorter lengths.

Some leaf blowers, such as our choice for best cordless leaf blower, have multiple section tubes which can be removed or added so you can have more flexibility. The two-tube adjustable leaf blower is the best of both worlds.


Q: How much does a cordless leaf blower cost?

A cordless leaf blower can cost anywhere from under $60 to over $120. Typically, cordless leaf blowers around $120 bring something else to the table, such as a trimmer or vacuum, or have immense power. On the other hand, the best under $100 are typically more standard models with high-quality components.

Q: What are the benefits of a cordless leaf blower vs. a corded model?

The benefits of a cordless leaf blower vs. a corded model are the advantages of maneuverability, distance from the home, and overall freedom. With corded leaf blowers, it is really difficult to reach the edges of your property or to use them in remote locations without multiple extension cords or even a generator. On the other hand, cordless leaf blowers can be taken with you to any site without worrying about outlet locations beforehand.

Q: How long do cordless leaf blowers last?

Cordless leaf blowers last different amounts of time based on the power setting you use. Cordless leaf blowers on the fastest setting typically die within 20 minutes but can last well over an hour on lower settings if you have the right model. Customer reviews of cordless leaf blowers will give you a good idea of how much work a model can do on a single charge. One customer reported being able to use the BLACK+DECKER 40V twice in a single charge to clear their courtyard. As in all other things, your mileage may vary.

Final thoughts on the best cordless leaf blowers

Getting a high-quality cordless leaf blower is getting easier and easier every year, especially with cordless electric leaf blowers getting such a boost in popularity recently. Every leaf blower on the list above will work for its given circumstances, and you will be able to find an attachment or accessory you want as well. Have a happy, prepared fall!