Managing the air quality in your home or workplace is important, and you should be able to do so without an eyesore air purifier the size of a piece of furniture. There are compact and powerful air purifiers on the market that can get the job done without crowding your space. Many of them are even portable, so you can bring them with you as you move through your home. When traveling, pack a mini air purifier to give you a better chance of breathing well in that suspiciously cheap hotel room. Air purifiers help fight against mold, allergens, airborne chemicals, and other pollutants. Here are some of our top choices for small but effective air purifiers available today.

Depollutes spaces up to 250 square feet. Amazon

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This amazing little machine fights pollutants, mold, dander, and other airborne undesirables with technology that works at the molecular level. It uses free radical molecules (the same used to destroy cancer cells) to destroy these pollutants. It has 5 settings for your desired fan speed and purity needs. It is also lightweight and can be carried around by its wool felt handle. The Molekule Mini is also ozone free and doesn’t emit any byproducts into your air.

Quiet and effective, which makes it especially great for smokers and pet owners. Amazon

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This bedside-sized purifier combats pollutants with a three-step filtration system. It has a pre-filter, a HEPA (high efficiency particulate absorbing) filter, and an activated carbon filter to break down unwanted particles in the air. It is extremely energy efficient, so you can keep it on all day and night at low cost. In sleep mode, it runs quietly with an optional night light. It has three fan speeds and auto-timer settings at 2, 4, and 8 hours.

You can add fragrances to this little purifier. Amazon

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This air purifier utilizes the same three-filter method as the LEVOIT, but at a lower price point. This means it has a pre-filter, a HEPA filter, and an activated carbon filter. It also has a sponge for essential oils, if you want to use it as part-oil diffuser and spread a fragrance through your space. This is a nice bedside or desk purifier, and its black design helps it blend into any room.

Precise option for localized purification. Amazon

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This part-fan, part-purifier is a novel design that uses HEPA purification in a directed stream of cool air. You can adjust its direction by sliding the domelike top, or you can set it to oscillate. It also has an LCD screen that shows filter life and airflow level, making it easy to know when to swap out your filter. The Dyson is great for cooling yourself down with clean air but also effective for generally depolluting a space.