For some (decidedly lucky) people, choosing a pillow to sleep on comes easily. However, for many, having the right pillow for a restful snooze—especially while traveling—is of the utmost importance, and no easy task. Getting a rough night of sleep can throw off your entire routine, and if you’re uncomfortable in the processwell that’s just truly the worst. Throw a transcontinental flight or a long car ride into the mix, and you’re setting yourself up for a tough start to your travels.

Just in time for the cold season, when we all want to sleep just a few minutes longer, we’ve rounded up some of coziest, comfiest travel pillows that money can buy. Whether you’re traveling via trains, planes, or automobiles; prefer something fluffy and full and supportive; or you just need to catch some shut-eye on a non-hotel pillow, we’ve got a fit for your on-the-go REM cycle needs. You may even start using these pillows at home, too.

Our top picks, below.

Hands down, the most comfortable choice. Amazon

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Talk about traveling in luxury. This travel pillow set from the team at LilySilk comes with a silk pillow, a silk pillowcase, and a silk eye mask, all made from 100 percent pure and natural silk, which is known to be not only delightfully comfortable, but also hypoallergenic and good for you skin. Say goodbye to post-nap wrinkles!

Allows for all sorts of sleeping styles. Amazon

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For those who are fussier travel sleepers, especially on a plane, the Trtl Pillow Plus is the answer. Created by a team of scientists looking for the best ergonomic design and breathability to yield easy sleep in various positions, this pillow features an adjustable support system and super-comfy premium padding to fully support your neck. Plus, it comes with a waterproof bag, so you could even take it camping.

This larger one packs down to be super small. Amazon

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Lateral support is the name of the game with this inflatable travel pillow. The pillow is designed to promote healthy head and neck alignment by wearing it across the chest, or placing it vertically down from the head and leaning up against it. The pillow inflates quickly and easily, and deflates in just a few seconds.