Maintaining an at-home workout routine can be tricky, especially in a cramped space with plenty of distractions and a laundry list of to-do items. That’s where ab workout gear comes in handy. You’ll strengthen and tone your core through efficient, straightforward exercises, without ever having to leave the living room.

Whether you’re looking for advanced abdominal training or accessible beginner workouts, we found the best gear for the job.

Interactive features: Stealth Core Trainer

The Most Fun

Gamify your workout. Amazon

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Planking is a sure-fire way to strengthen not just your abdominal area, but your entire core, plus your shoulders and glutes. If you need a little (or a lot) of distraction while you strike your plank pose, go with the Stealth Core Trainer. Designed with 360-degree motion, the trainer allows you to play games on your smartphone as you plank, rotating the product around to score points. You’ll improve your core as you reach higher levels and, for added fun, you can virtually compete against friends and family members.

Comfortable grip: Ab Roller

Best Straightforward Core Work

Roll your way to the definition. Amazon

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The ab roller is a small but mighty fitness device. It strengthens your core as you roll your body back and forth on the ground, which is much harder than it sounds. Designed with non-slip rubber that works on any floor surface, this compact, stainless steel wheel helps you glide backward and forward in smooth motions. You’ll also receive a knee mat for added support and an e-book with 45 ab workouts.

Prevents back strain: DMoose Fitness Hanging Ab Straps

Six Color Options

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Turn your regular pull-up bar into an intense ab sculpting station. These hanging straps support up to 400 pounds and firmly attach onto metal bars, so you can comfortably perform a variety of core strengthening workouts. Made from durable nylon, the straps can be easily adjusted for length and are made from sweat-resistant fabric. Another big plus: doing hanging ab workouts prevents any back and neck strain that might come from abdominal mat exercises.

Efficient exercise: Core Max Smart Abs and Total Body Workout Cardio Home Gym

Increased Stability

Customize with three resistance levels. Amazon

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If you only have a few minutes a day for a workout, go with the Core Max Smart Abs. It has a small base and comfortable foam arms, designed for eight exercises that take eight minutes to do. Choose from three resistance levels and then work your way through Core Max’s workout guide, which includes sit-ups and flutter kicks. Once you’re done, the arms of the product can be folded over and tucked away for easy storage.