Save over $20 on these wireless earbuds that have hearing aid functions

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According to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, roughly 15 percent—or 37.5 million—Americans aged 18 and over experience some trouble hearing. More often than not, it comes with age, but not all who have some hearing loss can already qualify for a hearing aid. Some people’s hearing loss may not be severe enough to warrant one, while some are simply not ready. It’s also worth noting that hearing aids are not cheap and what’s worse is they’re not covered by Medicare.

While Congress passed a law in 2017 directing the FDA to make safe, inexpensive over-the-counter hearing aids widely available, it has yet to come to fruition. But thanks to technology, those experiencing mild to moderate hearing loss can rely on personal sound amplification products (PSAPs), which are hearing devices that amplify sounds, as the name suggests. They do not address other hearing loss issues like distortion, but they’re a great alternative for those seeking to improve their hearing without spending thousands. The IQbuds² MAX Advanced Hearing Buds happen to be an excellent option, and they’re on sale for a limited time.

Recognized as one of TIME’s best inventions of 2020, the IQbuds² MAX are wireless earbuds outfitted with hearing aid functionality. They boast industry-leading EarID technology, providing you with personalized sound catered to your unique needs. This pair assesses the listener’s hearing with the help of an app and calibrates the buds to create a customized hearing profile. And at the core of this personalization system is the National Acoustics Laboratories NAL-NL2 audiological prescription fitting software, the same technology used in audiologist clinics to design high-end hearing aids. You can rest assured that your personalized sound is based on clinical standards. 

The groundbreaking IQbuds² MAX feature advanced noise cancelation to block noise and elevate conversations. They interpret and process sounds both inside and outside of the ear, allowing the user to block out surrounding noises with a single tap of a finger. The earbuds are also capable of blending speech with ambient sound, enhancing conversations around you, and zeroing in on the person you’re talking to in various environments. 

“Don’t waste $4,500 on a hearing aid that may or may not work. Try these first. They’re a lifesaver,” said a satisfied user named Brandon. You can try them out yourself by picking up a pair for only $474.99 (MSRP $499).

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