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Chronic snorers don’t usually realize when they sound like they’re sawing logs unless they do a big snort. More often than not, whether their snores sound like a low hum or an incoming train, they remain oblivious to them, leaving everyone around exasperated. After all, no one wants to sleep next to a human boom box.

Snoring usually occurs when the flaccid muscles on one’s throat block the airways, preventing the air from flowing through a person’s nose and throat as they breathe. If you’ve been told that you’re a habitual snorer, you can put a stop to it using a muscle stimulator you can place on your chin every night—the Snore Circle Anti-Snoring Sleep Aid Muscle Stimulator is on sale for just $59.97 (reg. $119) during our Pre-Black Friday Doorbusters Sale.

Available for this special price for a limited time, the Snore Circle has built-in sensors that work to detect and collect snoring data. When it identifies snoring sounds, it will emit 10-60Hz mixture micro impulses to your chin nerves ranging from weak to strong. As a result, the muscle around the throat will tighten and open up the airway to make you breathe more smoothly, and then stop snoring altogether.

Snore Circle is safe to use and does not cause skin irritation. Engineered with bone conduction, it delivers accurate snoring recognition and strong anti-interference ability. It’s simple to use, too. Just place the electrodes below your chin, turn the Snore Circle on, attach them to the electrodes, and expect to have a get a good night’s sleep.

“Those looking for a snoring solution will find the Snore Circle to be one of the more advanced options out there when it comes to eliminating the nighttime annoyance,” says Trend Hunter. You can see for yourself by purchasing one for only $59.97. That’s an almost $60 discount from the original retail price of $119.

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