Gadgets to gift to the most boring people you know

Even dullards deserve some holiday cheer.

Christmas gift
Wrap them in some shiny paper and these presents will seem more festive and less practical.Pexels user Tookapic

You know the person. He thinks that brightly colored dress socks are a dangerously bold statement. She thinks that lacy underwear is only for special occasions. Some people would call them boring, but they’d just say they’re practical. They don’t want concert tickets or frivolous merchandise this holiday season, so give them what they really want: something useful.

Stance Men's Disturbance Star Wars Crew Sock

Stance Men's Disturbance Star Wars Crew Sock


For your brother who gets excited about wearing dress socks that aren’t a plain color. Or for your dad who works in a boring corporate job but desperately wants to show a bit of personality at work. As a bonus (for them), he or she can bore everyone around them with yet another rant about how much better the original Star Wars trilogy is. This site doesn’t sell Star Wars socks for women, but socks don’t need a gender anyway—so just go ahead and buy a smaller version for all the ladies in your life.

meundies logo


A subscription for the softest undies everMeUndies

We all put off buying new underwear for too long, but let’s be honest: Most of our undies are pretty shabby. It’s not an exciting purchase, but it needs to be done. Take one item off your boring relatives’ to-do list by gifting them a monthly set of silky smooth underwear. They have lots of styles—none too outrageous—for men and women, plus variety packs for the slightly less-dull family members who want to mix it up.

Tile Slim

Tile Slim

Know where your stuff is.Amazon

We’ve all left our wallets at a restaurant at some point or another. Give the gift of security with a Tile. It attaches to virtually anything, wallets included, and connects to your phone so that you can find your valuables from anywhere. And what’s more practical than that?

Joseph Joseph 20036 Adjustable Rolling Pin with Removable Rings

Joseph Joseph Adjustable Rolling Pin with Removable Rings

For any amount of dough.Amazon

What does a fourth-of-an-inch-thick pie crust look like, anyway? No one except a professional baker would really know, and no one except a professional baker really cares. Except for your aunt, who insists on measuring precisely every time, dammit. Give her this rolling pin and peace of mind.

Original Soylent Meal Replacement Shake

Original Soylent Meal Replacement Shake

This one isn't people.Amazon

For the coworker who can’t stand to waste 20 minutes on lunch, there’s always Soylent. It’s not appealing or particularly tasty, but it gets the job done. After all, what is food if not fuel? Help your least-fun comrades be more efficient.

TableTopics Best Things Ever: Questions to Start Great Conversations

TableTopics Best Things Ever

Table conversation cards.Amazon

There’s always one person at the party who can’t keep up their end of the small talk. For those people with nothing to say, give the gift of easy conversation. They can carry these handy convo starters around and slyly pull one out when the silence gets painfully awkward. No matter how dull their answers, there’s always another question close at hand.

Peregrine Banana Saver

Peregrine Banana Saver

Don't ding your fruits.Amazon

Okay, so there is something uncomfortably phallic about this. But for that one person who just loves bananas and hates that they bruise easily, this is the perfect gift. It will protect their darling fruit inside whatever bag they want to throw it in, and when someone stares at it skeptically they can enthuse about the wonders of the Banana Bunker.

Baker's Edge Nonstick Edge Brownie Pan

Baker's Edge Pan

The edges only brownie pan.Amazon

The edges are the best part of the brownies. This is not an undisputed fact, but it’s hotly contested, and for your loved one who insists on eating only the outside rim, this pan is basically the holy grail. You get crispy, chewy edges on three sides on at least two pieces, depending on how you cut it. That’s heaven right there.

Fred and Friends Cutting Board

Fred & Friends Cutting Board

The obsessive's cutting board.Amazon

Everyone thinks you know what julienne is, but do you really? What about the difference between chopping, dicing, and mincing? If so, congratulations and goodbye. This cutting board is not for you. It is, however, for those dullards who insist that the carrots be precisely sized cubes. You may make fun now, but those carrots will all be cooked to exactly the same degree while your haphazard orange mess are alternately crunchy and squishy. Amateur.

Fred & Friends The Toasty

Fred & Friends The Toasty

Marshmallow toasters!Amazon

Few things are as satisfying as an evenly toasted marshmallow. This rotating skewer helps you achieve that pinnacle of satiety by spinning your 'mallow slowly as it roasts, much like a tiny gooey chicken on a spit. It’s a small price to pay for perfection.

The 'Ove' Glove

The 'Ove' Glove

Best kitchen hot mitts.Amazon

These are not the prettiest oven mitts. They are vaguely off-white, with an As-Seen-On-TV style logo, and they will look ugly hanging in the kitchen. But they will also be the best hot mitts your loved one will ever own. People will come to their house and compliment them not on the beautiful stainless steel professional grade Kitchen Aid stand mixer, but on the Ove Gloves. Never again will the giftee struggle to grip a slippery pie plate, or slosh quiche all over the bottom of the oven as the pan slides out of their hands. Never again will their fear for their fingers. This most practical of presents will be their favorite of all.



Enjoy your perfectly cooked meat.ThermoPop

Most people just guess when their chicken is properly cooked or their steak is medium rare. But why would you use the imprecise guide that is your general understanding of meat doneness when you could know exactly when your dinner is cooked to perfection? Enter the ThermoPop. Its cousin, the Thermapen, is the HD of kitchen thermometers but costs way more and who really needs that kind of precision anyway? Enjoy your perfectly cooked meat on a budget.