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A new year means plenty of chances for reinvention: you might rebrand yourself as a person who paints or a person who runs. Or someone who wakes up to paint or run by listening to the latest bangers. Reach your morning person goals without breaking the bank with 50% off a Tribit Home Speaker, down to $34.99 from $69.99, on Amazon.



Not only does this combo alarm clock and speaker sound great, but it looks great with four-level brightness for warm light and seven snazzy colors for every day. A touch-sensor control lets you easily hit “snooze” for nine more precious minutes of sleep, and adjustable lamp themes like pure light, breathing light, and vibrating light help incorporate self-care into your routine. Plus, you’ll never strain for an outlet again, thanks to two built-in USB ports. Tribit is a speaker company, so at the heart of this alarm clock is a speaker that connects via Bluetooth, SD card, aux, or FM channel. The Tribit StormBox Micro 2—the Home Speaker’s cousin—made our best waterproof speakers and best portable Bluetooth speakers list, so we’re sure the Home Speaker will be a sound addition to your nightstand.

These deals will be over in 24 hours, faster than a TikTok trend, so grab it before it becomes a relic of the past.

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