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Just like smart assistants, robot vacuums, and smart locks, home security cameras have become commonplace in households everywhere. This means some vacation rentals like AirBnBs have them too, and in some cases, guests have nary an idea where they’re placed or that they’re even installed at all.

Vacation rentals are typically required to disclose any cameras they have on the property, and those cameras should never be placed in private areas like the bedroom or the bathroom. But you can never be too sure, so it’s useful to have a tool like the Scout Hidden Camera Detector, which is specifically designed to give you peace of mind on your staycations and out-of-town trips. From now until December 15, you can score it for an extra 20 percent off with the code WINTER20.

Equipped with high-powered LEDs that reflect off camera lenses, Scout is capable of finding CCTV cameras, smartphones, or spy cameras discreetly installed in virtually any property. Through the device’s aperture, you’ll be able to easily figure out if there’s a bright red light that informs you of the existence of a camera. It’s also small enough to fit in your pocket and is only powered by 2 AA batteries that allow it to work well for over a year, even with regular use.

Here’s a quick preview of how it works its magic:

The technology behind Scout is pretty simple, too. Since most cameras have an infrared filter, Scout bounces light off the lens, which will cause it to bounce even more back. Per a purchaser who uses it regularly, they “feel secure knowing that I have control of cameras where they don’t belong.”

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