This DIY game console is nearly 20 percent off

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Lately, there’s been a lot of talk about healing your inner child by connecting with the things you loved or always wanted to do as a kid, but perhaps could not for some reason. Maybe you’re just trying to detox from doing random addictive things on your phone all the time. No matter what it is, we’ve found something to restore your childlike sense of wonder. 

Meet the ByteBoi: DIY Advanced Game Console (Standard Kit + Tools). This console is just like the one you begged your mom for when you were a kid, except it probably comes at a better price now. Believe it or not, it’s 17 percent off its normal rate for a limited time. Our Kidults Campaign is running from Jan. 24-30. This campaign is a celebration of the inner child and focuses on adults who like cool toys at a great price. Join the wave of modern adults treating themselves to toys and fun! 

It’s a new version of an old classic. You loved either your own or your friend’s 8-bit educational gaming device, so why not bring back the fun? It’s better than staring at social media for sure. This time, you get to assemble it and play either pre-made games or ones you code yourself. 

You can also connect it to the internet to share with your friends and a whole community of nostalgic gamers seeking a little thought-provoking and fun recreation. The kit comes with the materials you need to build it, so you just open it up and enjoy. It really is a much-beloved device—it was even funded on Kickstarter. 

Embrace your inner kid with the ByteBoi: DIY Advanced Game Console (Standard Kit + Tools). Normally $144, it’s currently on sale for $119.99. 

Price subject to change.