This 2-in-1 keeps your coffee warm and your phone charged

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Many people can’t start their mornings without a cup of coffee, and with good reason. Aside from the flavor and caffeine energy boost, there are also potential health benefits from a cup of joe. One issue faced by many coffee lovers, though, is the short sweet spot of your coffee being just the right temperature.

If you want your coffee to stay at the perfect heat level while also keeping your phone charged for optimal efficiency, you should consider this Ui 2-in-1 Self-Heating Mug and Wireless Charging Pad Set. Being able to keep your coffee warm and your phone charged means that you can spend more time caffeinating and working, and less time running back to the microwave, making for a unique addition to your morning routine that can also improve your daily efficiency. 

This Ui Mug is able to keep your coffee, tea, or whatever warm beverage you like to consume, at 130°F, which is hot enough to enjoy, but not too hot that the drink loses flavor. Additionally, the heating pad is useful not only for heating but can actually be used to charge your cell phone as well. It can heat your mug with up to 24W output and charge your phone with up to 15W output. Aside from the heating pad itself, a ceramic lid also helps to maintain your drink’s heat level. Plus, the minimalist design makes it a great addition to any living space, as it’s able to match almost any decor.

Having your coffee stay at the ideal temperature is going to make it much more enjoyable. According to Tasting Table, “The bitter, astringent flavors of room temperature coffee have just as much to do with chemical reactions as it does our evolutionary history and how we perceive tastes.” Driftaway Coffee also notes that “Coffee’s notes shine between 120°F and 140°F,” which is why the Ui Mug’s ability to maintain a temperature of 130°F is so ideal.”

Right now you can get the Ui 2-in-1 Self-Heating Mug & Wireless Charging Pad Set for $79.99. That’s a 15 percent markdown from its regular $94 price.

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