Save up to $300 on Garmin watches with these Prime Day deals

These GPS-equipped smartwatches are adventure ready, and the prices leave you more money for GORP.
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Garmin makes some of the best fitness watches available. They feature advanced tech and health tracking capabilities along with full smartwatch abilities, giving you the best of both worlds. And if you are training for any sort of event, they are invaluable training tools. And this Prime Day, you can find outstanding savings on a handful of options, from beginner-level devices to watches for competitive athletes.

Garmin epix Gen 2 $699.99 (Was $999.99)

Garmin epix Gen 2

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For adventure lovers, it’s hard to beat the Garmin epix watches. This particular version features premium white titanium and a bright AMOLED display, so it looks sleek even when you’re not on the trails. It promises up to 16 days of battery life in smartwatch mode, which is longer than most other adventure watches out there. And, as with most Garmin watches, it is built with a robust list of sensors for advanced health and performance measurements, accurate GPS tracking, and navigation tools with topographic maps.

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