Layer savings on 3D printers during Amazon early Black Friday

You can't print money, but you can save it when you take advantage of this early Black Friday Amazon sale on 3D printers and supplies.
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There’s power in using, or gifting, something you’ve made yourself. Not only is it unique, but your friends will think you’re 10 times cooler for crafting instead of going to a big box store or your browser to buy it. Get your creative juices flowing and get in on the self-sufficiency—and confidence boost—by taking advantage of the 3D printer deals on Amazon, getting you ready to create instead of navigating the Black Friday rush.

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The Kobra Go from ANYCUBIC is on sale for $199.99, 38% down from its regular $319.99 price. Leveling only takes five minutes, and removing models from the platform is easy. Smart sensors detect when the filament has run out or an unexpected power off to make printing seamless. The Kobra Go prints fast at 100 millimeters per second max and can create something as large as a regulation-size soccer ball or a miniature version of the World Cup trophy.

You can’t 3D print without filament. Thankfully, this eight-pack set is on sale for $35.99—that’s $4.50 per roll.

These 3D printer deals are sure to be gone in a flash, like the stuffing at Thanksgiving, so make sure to make your purchase before someone grabs the last serving.

Here are other 3D printers on sale that caught our eye:


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