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Updated Feb 13, 2023 1:49 PM

The best computer monitor stands are much more productive than a pile of books stacked under the computer screen. These stylish desk accessories give your workspace personality with a purpose. The monitor stands are designed to elevate your screen to eye level, creating a more ergonomic workstation for your neck and back. Monitor risers also free up prime desktop real estate, giving you more space for supplies and cool desk accessories like charging stations, toys, and tiny succulents. Like all pieces of office furniture, monitor stands are available in a wide variety of styles with unique options and fun features. Some are designed for multiple monitors, some are made for keeping your desk clutter under control, and the best computer monitor stands do it all. Find the right monitor stand and raise your screen—and your work—to new heights.

The best computer monitor stands: Reviews & Recommendations

How you raise your screen depends on price, adjustability, and aesthetics. Prices will vary mostly due to durability and style. Start with a budget and a type (stand or monitor arm) in mind. From there, narrow your search based on the added features your workspace needs. 

Best for minimalists: AboveTEK Premium Acrylic Monitor Stand



The AboveTEK monitor stand has nothing to hide. It’s a sleek piece of solid acrylic that can support up to 50 pounds of computing power. Measuring just over 20 inches in width, it can easily fit into tight workspaces. The 3.5 inches of height is perfect for a comfortable eye-line view. There’s no adjustability (unless you put some quarters under the legs to angle the surface), so those in search of options and special features will need to look elsewhere. It can stand up against most scuffs and bumps, but it’s not indestructible. And it will show fingerprints. If all you want is a simple stage for your screen, this gets the job done.

Best for multitaskers: HUANUO Triple-Monitor Stand



Effectively supporting three large monitors is a tough ask of any mounted monitor arm, but the HUANUO Triple-Monitor Stand makes it look easy. Each of the three arms swivels 180 degrees and each mount can tilt 90 degrees and rotate 360 degrees for vertical monitors. You’ll find the perfect viewing angle in minutes. The mount fits screen sizes between 17 inches and 32 inches and the gas-spring arms feel strong even when hoisting the max weight of 17.6 pounds per arm. Arrange the screens side by side, at varying heights, or in a triangle. Just make sure your desk is big and beefy enough to support the weight, as all three monitors are mounted on a single pole in the middle. If the desk is a flimsy folding table, it could tilt under the centralized weight.

Best for executives: Grovemade Wood Monitor Stand



Grovemade Wood Monitor Stands really do rise above the rest in terms of style and form. This stunning and simple wood stand, available in dark or light brown, supports up to 200 pounds, which makes it one of the strongest stands on the list. Measuring 21 inches wide, the stand lifts your monitor 4.2 inches on its beautiful curved platform. This is a high-end, designer monitor stand and the price reflects the luxury. Each Grovemade monitor stand is made in the USA by dedicated craftsmen. This is more a piece of furniture than an ordinary monitor riser. 

Best for Mac users: Twelve South HiRise Pro for iMac

Twelve South


Besides creating a comfortable viewing angle, a monitor stand also helps keep a workspace organized so you stay on task. The HiRise from Twelve South not only elevates your iMac’s screen to the perfect height of up to 3.75 inches, it also has hidden shelves to store phones, keys, or supplies. These adjustable shelves come in handy, especially for those working on a table who need some extra space for personal belongings. The stand is designed to work with iMacs, but it can accommodate most screens. It’s a mere 10-inches wide, the smallest footprint of any monitor stand on the list. Anyone using a single monitor who wants a tasteful stand with storage will love the HiRise.

Best for students: Fitueyes Monitor Stand



For students in high school or college who only need a basic monitor stand, the Fitueyes stand is the perfect workhorse. The sturdy monitor riser supports up to 22 pounds, more than enough for a standard monitor. With a height of 3.9 inches, it eliminates sore necks and eyes and allows students to focus straight ahead on the future. It’s available in three colors: black, brown, and light brown. But the best part of the Fitueyes stand is the price tag: At less than $20, you get a durable monitor stand that can be carried off to college and decorated with stickers, while also taking some scratches. This monitor stand is a great solution for budget-minded shoppers.

Things to consider when shopping for the best computer monitor stands

Part computer accessory, part office decor, the job of the best computer monitor stand is to make work a more pleasant experience. You will be using this stand every day for years to come, so make a thoughtful choice based on your needs and preferences. Study your current desk layout and screen position and think of ways to improve your space. The right stand for you is out there and we’ve put together a guide to help you find it.

Do you want an adjustable monitor stand?

You have two options for raising your screen: a somewhat adjustable monitor stand or a mounted monitor arm. A stand is simply a raised stage for your screen. You may be able to position a stand higher with added risers, but stands are not designed for robust adjustability. A monitor mount, on the other hand, is a metal arm that either clamps to the desk or is mounted to a flat surface. The monitor arm of some mounts can rotate, swivel, and be aimed at just the right angle. Mounts can also hold screens in horizontal or vertical orientation, giving you even more viewing options. You have greater flexibility with a monitor mount, but it will require more setup and installation than a simple stand.

Do you use multiple monitors?

A multi-monitor setup can make work easier, especially for the multi-taskers, gamers, and streamers. A dual-monitor stand ensures both screens are at the right height so your eyes don’t flutter and bounce around trying to focus on monitors at different sightlines. Triple-monitor stands and mounts are a must for those shuffling between three screens, and a quad-monitor stand makes a workspace surrounded by screens look organized and professional instead of looking like the cluttered lair of a supervillain hacker from the 1990s. Multi-monitor stands and mounts must be designed to handle the extra weight, so look for strong, durable materials, and solid construction. And measure your screens to ensure a stand is wide enough to hold your monitors, because some stands may look like they can fit two screens, but looks can be deceiving.

Will the monitor stand blend in with office decor?

Style is important and a screen sitting on a cheap, plastic stand makes your work feel cheap and plastic. Impressive monitor stands made of wood add elegance and sophistication to any workspace, even if the stand sits next to your Funko Pop Wolverine figure. These sleek wooden stands do come with a higher price point, but you get what you pay for. If this monitor stand is meant to be a true piece of office furniture, opting for a high-end wooden model may be well worth it. And if you don’t like the look of any stand in your price range or can’t find a stand that fits your style, you can always go with a mounted monitor arm that shows nothing more than a metal bar.

Do you need extra storage and shelves?

One of the benefits of any monitor mount or stand is that it frees up space on the desk. You can slide books and papers beneath the raised monitor, but if you need some help keeping things clutter-free, find a stand that offers dedicated storage options. A simple side shelf or cubby can make a big difference when trying to manage your mess. Pen holders and pockets for office supplies are great for desks that lack drawers. The best computer monitor stand should make your work as easy as possible, giving you greater access to everything you need throughout the day. For the home office, any bonus storage is greatly appreciated.

 How high do you want to go?

Most monitor stands and mounts only go so high. However, there are ways to go higher. An adjustable computer monitor stand with a keyboard tray can transform your conventional desk into a standing desk. A standing desk converter is basically a super-powered monitor stand. Keep in mind, standing desk converters will be more expensive than typical monitor stands (you may even find a complete standing desk that’s less expensive than a converter) but if you need the extra height and don’t want to buy an entirely new piece of furniture, this is your best bet. When you go tall, you give up some style—standing desk converters are bulky brutes. They are designed for function. not form.


Q: Why use a monitor stand?

You should use a monitor stand to create a comfortable workstation. Even the most ergonomic office chair and computer desk won’t do a thing for your neck and back if the computer screen is at the wrong height. A monitor stand raises the screen to be at a more comfortable viewing angle. It eliminates the need to bend your neck and look downward. Generally, you want the top of the monitor to be at your eye level when looking straight ahead. Monitor stands also free up space on your desk. This makes it easier to run wires to various gadgets and outlets. It also provides extra space for your phone or tablet. If you’ve never used a monitor stand before, your poor neck is in for a treat.

Q: Should I get one monitor arm or two?

The question of using one monitor or two comes down to how you spend time at the desk. Even those who only use one monitor for their computer can benefit from two monitor arms because the second arm can attach to a TV screen or tablet. Get your work done on one screen while a movie plays on the second screen. Or use one screen for virtual meetings and conference calls. Setting up a second monitor is surprisingly simple, and monitor prices are reasonable if you don’t need all the bells and whistles. If you use one monitor, you may be surprised at how effective and efficient a dual monitor setup becomes. You’ll wonder how you got this far without only one screen. And the extra monitor arm will be there to support you on your journey of dual monitor discovery.

Q: What is the best monitor arm for standing and sitting?

For those in need of the best monitor arm for standing and sitting positions, consider the Extra Tall Monitor Desk Mount from VIVO. The 39-inch pole makes it easy to move from sitting in a desk chair to standing up, and there is plenty of adjustabilities to position the monitor. It’s a less expensive option than buying a standing desk converter, but you don’t get a keyboard tray. That means when you’re standing, the keyboard will still be resting on the desktop and may cause an uncomfortable stretch. 

The final word on finding the best computer monitor stands

The best monitor stand will become your new favorite desk accessory. Not only will it elevate the screen to a healthy height, but it will also help create a clean desktop with extra room for papers, books, and more. From multiple monitor arm rigs to simple wooden platforms, there are monitor stands and monitor arm mounts to quickly and easily turn your current setup into a healthier, more comfortable environment—a place you’ll enjoy working in for eight-plus hours a day. Simply give yourself a budget and identify the features you want in a style you love. The perfect monitor stand is out there and ready to improve your home office space ASAP.