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It is not all that uncommon for people to have a great idea. Unfortunately, their memory doesn’t hold the idea forever. And even when your memory may seem to hold the idea, that may not really be the case

When it comes to being able to try and retain ideas, one of the most viable options is to record them in real-time to be able to ensure that they are being recounted verbatim in the future. Right now you can purchase this 64GB Mini Voice Activated Recorder (the world’s thinnest voice-activated recorder) at a discounted rate so that none of your ideas are lost forever.

The pocket-sized recording device can fit into your wallet, bag, or purse and it comes with a high-capacity 210mAh rechargeable battery that offers up to 24 hours of battery life and 145 hours of recording capacity. Additionally, noise-free and 360-degree panoramic recording ensures that you get clear and natural audio recordings. Finally, voice-activated mode starts recording when it recognizes there is sound around and stops when it’s quiet, so you only capture the important moments.

There are no shortages of outlets that promote and tout the benefits of a voice recorder. Rev believes the benefits are numerous, stating, “Capturing audio with a recorder not only lets you remember life’s small details, but improves factual precision–laying the groundwork for accuracy and efficiency in professional, academic, and personal contexts.” According to Chron, there are many different people who can benefit from a recorder. “Writers and songwriters might find portable recorders especially useful since ideas form the backbones of their creations,” they write. “While attending a meeting, you might switch on a voice recorder to capture important information that others present.” 

Right now you can capture your ideas when you purchase the world’s thinnest voice-activated recorder for just $39.99. That’s a 24 percent markdown from its retail price of $52.

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