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Logitech’s new K760 keyboard has a solar charger and a fast-switching Bluetooth function that’ll get you paired with multiple devices in a snap. It’s great. Here’s why.

What is it?
It’s a wireless Bluetooth solar-charged keyboard that makes switching between computers, tablets, and/or smartphones literally as easy as pushing a button. There are three numbered Bluetooth buttons up top, next to the Escape key. After you pair it with up to three (like, say, an desktop at work, a laptop at home, and a tablet for mobile), you just tap the button corresponding to the gadget to switch. No more re-pairing, no more going into Bluetooth settings.

Does it work well?
Yes! Bluetooth switching is instantaneous. Pairs easily, works perfectly. There are no user-accessible batteries at all–the solar panel charges from any kind of light, even office light, so (ostensibly) you will never need to charge it (Logitech says it’ll work for three straight months in complete darkness). Comfortable to type on, if you like the Apple-style chiclet keys, which I do. Advertised as only working with Apple products, but worked just fine with an Android tablet and with a Windows computer–though it does have an Apple layout.

The angle is not adjustable, and I happen to prefer my keyboard slightly more angled. It’s all plastic–not quite as luxurious in materials as the aluminum Apple keyboard, though it feels durable. I miss the dedicated music track forward/back keys from Apple’s keyboard, though play/pause is still here. Sorta pricey at $80.