The a.m.p. SP1 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker was recently sent through our office and I must admit based on the simplicity of the product I was curious as to how effective it was. Not only is it small in size – with what I found was massive sound – but it also has a speakerphone functionality? I’ll get to that shortly…

The SP1 blew the doors off any preconceived notions that I might have had on what a portable speaker should be. When I first picked it up I noticed the soft touch rubber surface, much like a high-end smart phone. The build is high quality and even though it is rubber – it has a sense of weight to it without being heavy. It’s easily portable and will fit in any backpack, messenger bag or purse.

The simple design of the SP1 is also highly functional. It can easily be connected to any device via Bluetooth or a 3.5 mm stereo input cable. The on/off switch lights up letting you know when it’s charging, turned on or needs to be charged. It has two input slots on the side as well, one for the 3.5 mm stereo input cable and a micro USB cable for charging. For the most part, this is an easy to set up and easy to use product.

So to begin – you pair it with your Bluetooth device; which is easy. Hold down the center button on top for several seconds and turn your device’s Bluetooth on and presto, you’re paired! Once your device is paired, the sound technology is surprisingly crisp. a.m.p. calls their technology the dBs1™ which is crisp, clear and hi-fi audio. I’ve had the speaker on for a few days now, I’m happy to report I haven’t had to re-charge it once yet. Only time will tell if that continues, but I’m pretty impressed to date with battery life as well.

The built-in microphone and control button lets you switch between listening to your favorite music and answering an incoming call. The SP1 is perfect for conference calls and I figured out you can even use Facetime on your iOS device, Skype or any other type of calls you need to make.

Whether you’re looking for a portable speaker or speakerphone to use at home, on the beach or in your office the a.m.p. SP1 is the great option and we recommend checking it out if you’re in the market.

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