From space sprouts to landmine legumes, here are the world’s weirdest farms

Across the globe, above the globe, under the globe...
Italy's Project coordinator of Nemo's Garden, Gianni Fontanesi check immerged Biospheres on June 27, 2015 in Noli. 3 biospheres with air welcome seeds of basilic and others green plants to study their grows immerged at 8m in complete autonomy thanks to the natural Photosyntesis process, protected from any pollution from the outdoor plantations. This project is part of the Italian Pavillon theme at the EXPO2015 , "how to feed the planet". AFP PHOTO OLIVIER MORIN OLIVIER MORIN

What do the Pope, astronauts, and armies at war all have in common? They’ve gotta eat. And they prefer fresh food. So it’s no wonder that farms are popping up to service them, even in the most inhospitable locations. From Antarctica to the International Space Station, here are a few of the world’s craziest farms.

Tilling the South Pole
Farming in a war
Papal produce
advanced plant habitat
Advanced Plant Habitat NASA/Bill White
Just add plants
Underwater farming