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Why food tastes more bland in space

Researchers say they may finally have an explanation why astronauts often lose their appetite in space. Thanks to a first-of-its-kind study involving virtual reality headsets, experts could soon learn the ingredients necessary to solve this issue affecting not just space travelers, but more isolated populations, such as nursing home residents. New arrivals to the International […]

How to properly wash fruits and vegetables

Whether sourced from a bustling grocery store, a local farmers market, or even your own garden, fruits and vegetables come into contact with numerous surfaces and hands during their journey to your kitchen. This makes them susceptible to various contaminants. Proper cleaning is crucial not only for enhancing food safety but also for preserving the […]

Digital price tags can change the cost of groceries 6 times per minute

Buying groceries in the US could soon require gazing at far more digital screens. Price tags, which are normally printed out individually for items using paper and ink, are slowly being replaced by digital displays that grocers say will increase productivity and potentially lower prices for consumers. Walmart, the nation’s leading grocer by sales, recently announced […]

How forecasts of bad weather can drive up your grocery bill

This story was originally published by Grist. Sign up for Grist’s weekly newsletter here. It’s no secret that a warming world will drive food prices higher, a phenomenon increasingly known as “heatflation.” What’s less known, but a growing area of interest among economists and scientists alike, is the role individual extreme weather events — blistering temperatures in Texas, a […]

Explorer Bear is the portable fridge that says goodbye to ice

Summer’s calling, and you know what that means—time for epic adventures! Whether you’re conquering mountain trails, chilling by the lake, or braving monumental lines at the amusement park, packing for fun can be a logistical nightmare. Enter the Explorer Bear, the ultimate summer essential that’s about to become your new best friend for only $599.  […]

Chicken fat supercapacitors could store green energy of the future

As vital as it is for society to transition to renewable energy, it’s not as easy as simply swapping out fossil fuels for solar panels. To ensure they’re as efficient as possible, power infrastructures need powerful batteries to reliably house their excess generated energy for later use. Storage equipment has increasingly utilized carbon materials due […]

This edible, wriggling robot mimics experience of eating moving food

Remember the old reality show competition stunt of getting contestants to eat live bugs on primetime television? Consuming “food” while it’s still alive spans numerous cultures around the world. In Japan, for example, odorigui (or “dance-eating”) is a centuries’ old tradition often involving squid, octopus, and tiny translucent fish known as ice gobies. Diners pop […]