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Nevada is one of the states leading America into a drone-filled future. With special FAA permissions and a permissive testing environment, it makes sense that companies looking to test drone delivery would start there. And what better way to show off drone in the Nevada desert than by flying a nice, tall, sugary, 7-Eleven Slurpee out to a home in Reno? That’s exactly what drone delivery startup Flirtey did.

An obvious collaboration with 7-Eleven, the presumably Slurpee-containing box is decked out in both company’s logos. Here it is, coming in for the drop.

We’ve already seen drone delivery company Flirtey demonstrate its technology in tiny Hawthorne, Nevada.

After that, the company tested a blood delivery drone that flew from ship to Jersey shore and back again. While not as groundbreaking as a first delivery or potentially lifesaving as a medical supply run, a cold drink delivered fast on a hot day is a pretty wonderful use of the technology.

Watch its latest flight below:

Drones photo