Video: Robotic Lego Forearm Can Wave Hello and Pour You a Drink

Max Shepherd via YouTube

A robotic hand made entirely of Legos is one of the most realistic robo-hands we have seen, matching the entire range of motion of a real one. It moves pretty slowly, but that’s OK — slow and steady wins the race, and pours the drink without splashing.

Builder Max Shepherd used Lego motors and pneumatics to move the arm, which he says can only lift a couple of pounds. The goal was to mimic the full range of motion of a human hand, not to lift tons of weight. It’s an impressive show of what can be done with some mad Lego skills.

The softest grippy hands we have seen don’t look human at all, so this is quite a feat. Watch the fingers curl softly around a water bottle or other object.

[Tinkernology via Engadget]