LG's NanoCell TV is a good buy for the super bowl
You don't necessarily need to get a fancy OLED to get a great picture. LG

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People typically associate Black Friday with good deals on TVs, but it’s not your only chance to score a cheap display. The Super Bowl usually happens right after the annual Consumer Electronics Show, which is when manufacturers announce all their fancy new models. As a result, you can find some very solid deals on current TVs to make room for the new stuff.

While you might be able to find cheaper TVs around Thanksgiving, the Super Bowl approach is when many of the higher-end TVs actually go on sale, rather than the ultra-bargain panels. As the market has shifted more toward moving discount sets at high volume during the holidays, that leaves some of the most beautiful TVs to get cheaper during other times of year.

A few tips before we dive into the deals:

  • Buying a really big, really cheap TV won’t get you a perfect viewing experience. You’re likely better off buying a smaller, higher quality TV, than going purely on size.
  • Once you get your new TV, set aside some time to tweak the picture so it looks its best. Here’s a guide to get you going.
  • You probably don’t need to jump up to 8K just yet. We’re still in the very early stages of 8K’s rise to UHD dominance, which means there’s still very little content out there to consumer and future 8K TVs will only get better.


  • Samsung’s 55-inch QLED Q70T has a 120 Hz native refresh rate, but its built-in motion smoothing tech simulates 240 Hz for smoother motion. It’s terrible for movies, but great for sports. ($797 at Amazon)
  • LG’s Nanocell TVs produce truly gorgeous picture and Best Buy has a 75-inch version at a roughly 30-percent discount. ($999 at Best Buy)
  • OLED TVs provide some of the best color and contrast you can buy and prices have finally started coming down to earth. This 55-inch LG OLED is more than $200 off its original price right now. ($1,399 at Best Buy)
  • Sony’s 55-inch X800H runs on Google’s Android TV smart platform and has Alexa capabilities for maximum connectivity. It also uses Sony’s top-notch image processing tech to make lower-resolution content look good—that’s important since this year’s game won’t be in 4K. ($698 at Amazon)
  • Hisense’s 43-inch, Roku-powered smart TV is just $219 and absolves you from having to buy an external streaming stick since the operating system natively supports CBS’s apps that will stream the game. ($219 at Amazon)
  • Samsung’s 85-inch TU-8000 offers the company’s Crystal color system, which isn’t as fancy as some of the new OLED or Mini LED offerings, but it will get you a huge, bright, clear picture that you can afford even if you missed out on the GameStop stock boom. ($1,597 at Amazon)
  • If you don’t need a TV the size of a queen mattress, you can get the 43-inch version of Samsung’s Crystal TU-8000 series for under $400, which leaves lots of cash left over for a hilariously large party sub. ($377 at Amazon).
  • Vizio’s Quantum TVs use complex arrays of backlighting to create high-contrast pictures that don’t lack brightness like OLEDs sometimes can. This 65-inch M-series punches way above its price tag when it comes to picture quality. ($648 at Walmart)

We’ll keep this link updated with more links as we get closer to the game.