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Published Jul. 21, 2021

There’s just something sublime about long summer evenings, lying in the green grass under a lush canopy, listening to bugs chirp. That glory, however, is short-lived. Come fall, you’ll be screaming, leaf me alone, as nature’s debris accumulates and deteriorates over flowerbeds, streets, and neighbors’ yards if left unchecked. Grab the best leaf vacuum on the market, however, and you can mitigate an unsightly mess and provide easy yard clean-up. Combining the best features of traditional leaf blowers with a convenient bag system, a leaf vacuum will save you a ton of effort on your next yard waste removal job and you’ll enjoy a tidy lawn again in no time.

Things to consider when shopping for the best leaf vacuum

The best leaf vacuum available generally provides the standard features of a leaf blower while offering the ability to invert airflow to collect leaves in an attached bag for storage and removal. This dual functionality can be helpful when performing yard maintenance, as blowers require leaves and debris to be collected in piles before accumulation or disposal. And it comes in a familiar, ergonomic form for easy maneuvering without excessive bulk. Many blower/vacuum combos provide the added benefit of an integrated impeller to trap and chop debris into smaller, more manageable sizes. Not only does this feature save bag space and allow for more leaves to be vacuumed, it also prepares organic material to be redistributed and recycled as mulch and compost without requiring you to manually collect and break down debris. This feature is highly beneficial for anyone with a home garden or other plantings requiring nutriments.

When shopping for a yard vacuum, consider the size of the area you’ll be cleaning, as well as the volume of leaves that accumulate annually, to help determine the level of power and capacity required. Many electric leaf blower vacuums and cordless electric models are suited to medium-duty jobs, while a commercial model may be better for sustained professional or high-volume use in larger yards. From leaves in the driveway to debris in the pool, there’s a best leaf vacuum out there for every scenario.

The best leaf blower vacuum is a cost-effective, flexible yard waste removal tool

The best leaf vacuum is a versatile lawn tool, effectively an all-in-one solution for managing leaves and debris, while saving storage space and task time. This combination blower-mulcher uses an air duct where a bag or hose can be attached for expeditious processing and collection of leaves (bags are the more portable option, but a hose to a bag or bucket is better suited to high-volume collection). The best blower/vacuum requires much less effort than a traditional rake or standard blower to complete the same amount of work.

When shopping for a blower/vacuum for yard work, look for a design that offers compatibility with both bags and hoses to assure best results. This user-customizable feature maximizes the situations in which the blower and vacuum combo is useful. A built-in mulcher is also a must regardless of whether you’ll be using leaves in your flower beds, etc., as it drastically cuts down on the volume of leaves and maximizes storage space.

The best cordless leaf vacuum takes the hangups out of yard cleanup

Cordless leaf vacuum designs are championed for most yard maintenance and leaf removal jobs thanks to their portable, lightweight designs. Battery power frees users from the encumberment of cables and bulky gas tanks, while still packing ample power for most medium-duty jobs. Lighter weights also translate to better maneuverability, which is key when you’ll be gathering leaves over and around landscaping, lawn ornaments, wraparound porches, gazebos, and other obstacles.

One thing to keep in mind is that the added convenience of cordless models does come at a price premium compared to corded models, and cordless designs also require somewhat frequent recharging. Still, investing in a cordless model can prove to be worthwhile when factoring in the greater mobility and lack of entanglement hazard.

When shopping for the best cordless vacuum, battery life is a critical consideration that can make or break this tool’s usefulness. Variable speeds are also a key feature to look for, as they allow users to conserve battery and only use the amount of power required for the moment at hand.

Got a bigger yard? Go beyond standard with a gas-powered model

A gas-powered leaf vacuum will require more maintenance than an electric model, but it makes quick work of large, leafy lawns. Most gas-powered models on the market are actually leaf blowers with the ability to convert into vacuums by attaching a suctioning tube and large vac bag. They are typically powered by two-cycle gas engines, which should be filled with a pre-mixed combination of gas and oil. 

It’s important to keep in mind that gas-powered leaf vacuums are much noisier than their electric counterparts and that two-stroke engines emit hazardous levels of hydrocarbons. In fact, to reduce environmental damage (and noise complaints), some cities have an outright ban on gas-powered machines.

For leaf removal from water, a dedicated pool leaf vacuum works swimmingly

Pool leaf vacuums are their own class of product, but they perform the same debris removal duties of traditional models…just in water. Collection of wet, submerged leaves and organic debris comes with its own unique set of challenges, so it’s crucial to use equipment designed for this specific task when cleaning out your pool or pond.

The best pool leaf vacuums are designed to function using a standard garden hose and pool pole, creating vortexes of water around a central net to divert and capture leaves and other debris. When considering which pool model is best for your needs, go with a manually operated unit for the greatest degree of control and cost-effectiveness. Many designs include bumpers to protect the bottom and side surfaces of pool interiors from scratching as well, which can save money and prevent unsightly damage.

On a budget? For small, isolated jobs, a cheap leaf vacuum is great

Because these machines are specialized pieces of lawn equipment, it’s generally difficult to find a cheaper model that performs at an acceptable level for most yards. Portability and power along with capacity add to the costs of these units, so most budget models suffer a high drop in these areas and are simply not suited to the demands of most yard work. However, users may still encounter situations in which a less expensive model performs acceptably, such as in the cleaning of an enclosed porch or the removal of leaves from a deck or courtyard.

Be aware that the best model for less is usually corded designs, which cuts down on the bulk and weight of the unit while limiting mobility somewhat. Mulching options are also not found in budget units, so leaves will pile up quicker in the bag and require more frequent emptying. Still, a cheap vacuum may be all you need for small jobs and infrequent use.

Best leaf blower vacuum: WORX WG509 TRIVAC 12 Amp 3-In-1 Electric Blower/Mulcher/Vacuum

WORX WG509 TRIVAC 12 Amp 3-In-1 Electric Blower/Mulcher/Vacuum

For expeditious action, opt for an all-in-one leaf removal system. Amazon

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This electric corded leaf blower vacuum is capable of collecting and distributing leaves and other debris with an airspeed of 80 to 210 miles per hour. This WORX leaf vacuum quickly changes modes at the flip of a switch, and the integrated dual-stage metal impeller allows for an 18-to-1 reduction in leaf volume, making this a fantastic all-around choice for light- to medium-duty jobs. Its ergonomic design weighs in at 8.6-pounds, and it comes standard with a small bag, as well as the option to expand capacity with vacuum tubes and additional bags (sold separately).

Best cordless leaf vacuum: Greenworks 40V 185 MPH Variable Speed Cordless Leaf Blower/Vacuum

Greenworks 40V 185 MPH Variable Speed Cordless Leaf Blower/Vacuum

This variable-speed cordless model offers up to 21 minutes of continuous high-speed runtime on a single charge. Amazon

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This 40V cordless leaf vacuum combines powerful blower action and high-performance mulching in an easy-to-control design. A six-speed dial with top airspeed of 185 miles per hour offers plenty of flexibility, and the cushioned over mold grip brings users ample comfort during extended use. It’s designed with a durable brushless motor and includes a 4Ah battery with a charge time of 120 minutes.

Best gas-powered leaf vacuum: Husqvarna 2-Cycle Gas Handheld Leaf Blower/Vacuum

orange and black Husqvarna leaf blower vacuum

Husqvarna 2-Cycle Gas Handheld Leaf Blower/Vacuum

This weighs only 9.6 pounds, so it’s easy to maneuver around large yards. Amazon

The combo Husqvarna 2-cycle gas leaf blower/vacuum is incredibly powerful, with blowing speeds of up to 170 miles per hour. When in vacuum mode, it also mulches leaves at a 16:1 mulching ratio, so you can suck up more without worrying about overfilling the bag too fast.

Best pool leaf vacuum: Poolmaster 28316 Swimming Pool Leaf Vacuum

Poolmaster 28316 Swimming Pool Leaf Vacuum

When you’re no longer dealing with dry exteriors, this model will offer you net benefits. Amazon

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This Poolmaster swimming pool leaf vacuum is crafted from durable ABS plastic and features eight high-pressure jets that use a standard garden hose water supply to trap debris within a secure mesh bag. It’s easy to maneuver thanks to its four multidirectional swiveling wheels on the underside and has replaceable brushes along its perimeter for dislodging leaves. Because it’s finished with a rubber bumper, you’ll never have to worry about accidentally scratching your pool.

Best cheap leaf vacuum: Vpment Corded Electric Leaf Blower

Vpment Corded Electric Leaf Blower

This vacuum is easy to store and easy to appreciate, as it’s great for small indoor-outdoor jobs. Amazon

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This corded electric leaf vacuum from Vpment has a 400W motor, a durable ABS shell, and a low weight of 2.8 pounds, making this one of the best cheap leaf vacuums on the market. It’s perfect for storing in a utility closet or tool shed and reserving for quick sweeping and cleanup of leaves and dirt in small, confined areas, and it has a wide exhaust area that allows for quick heat dissipation. This design is also suited for indoor work like cleaning up sawdust and other debris from work areas.


Q: How powerful does a leaf blower need to be?

Any standard leaf blower needs to be powerful enough to dislodge and move wet leaves and other heavy debris, so a model capable of winds between 80 and 250 miles per hour is usually a good place to start.

Q: Are leaf vacuums worth it?

Having a dedicated leaf vacuum is worth it because it’s a great way to make an easy, quick, and fun task out of the typically time-consuming process of raking. Models that transform leaves directly into mulch are doubly worth it.

Q: Should I get a leaf blower or vacuum?

Leaf blowers only take care of half of the problem and don’t actually aid in the collection, mulching, or disposal process, while a dedicated leaf vacuum provides all those perks. Leaf blowers are great for moving leaves from one place to another but go with a vacuum if you’re looking to dispose of the problem altogether.

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A few more thoughts about buying the best leaf vacuum for your needs

The best leaf vacuums on the market are unparalleled in their abilities to transform unsightly debris into a mass of usable mulch. A cordless model is more of an investment than a standard leaf vacuum, but is maneuverable and tends to be lighter. If you’re looking for a long-term solution to large-scale yard clean-up, a commercial lawn vacuum might be more suited to your needs. And pool cleaner models are entirely different beasts but serve a very important function if your property has water features. So when trees shed their coat, shed your yard maintenance frustrations with the best leaf vacuum you can find.